Cameroonian nymphomaniac causes the death Of her boy Friend due to her insatiable Sexual desire

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A man has tragically died after overdosing on Viagra and a 12-hour-long session of sex.

The Dubai Public Prosecution, confirming the cause of death, said the Dubai Police recently received information that a Cameroon national had collapsed and died in a hotel in Dubai.

When officials rushed to the site they found in the bathroom the body of a 52-year-old man, L.T., who had come to Dubai on a visit visa, Khaleej Times reports.

Forensic experts who examined the body did not notice any evidence of violence or symptoms of any crime on the site.

Investigations showed that the man had relations with a 23-year-old woman, D.J., also from Cameroon.

The woman confessed that they had been in a relationship for the past seven months, and had been to Dubai several times previously and stayed together. She also confirmed that this time, too, she had travelled with him and stayed with him in the same room.

She said that they had sex for hours together on the day of the incident, and pointed out that the man had taken some medicine from his bag.

After a while when she went to the bathroom, she heard a loud sound, and found that the man had collapsed.

The police seized the medicines and referred them to the laboratory, which confirmed that the man had died after overdosing on Viagra.


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