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Mr. Leo Is as short sighted as John Ngu Foncha 1 year  ago
Meet Graobe Marie-Noelle, Kamer Top Model Popping and succee... 1 year  ago
Gossip and Scandal: How Cynthy Ngala Got initiated into........ 1 year  ago
Inspirational: Facebook Status update of the Month By Corine... 1 year  ago
Askia Karin has become more mature, see what she wrote! 1 year  ago
Celebrity Lifestyle: Beautiful Pictures of Nsang B Dilong 1 year  ago
Star Gist: Can You Believe Soli Egbe is still a virgin? 1 year  ago
Hot: Blanche Bailey Once Had no Panties 1 year  ago
Gossips and Scandals: What Syndy Emade did to become richer ... 1 year  ago
Even Though Skidi Boy Mentioned Me in his Song, I couldn't R... 1 year  ago
Bella you don see wety, choi 1 year  ago
Read the Whole Story: Stanley Enow Got Fucked By Rick Ross a... 1 year  ago
you no get the boy faith, i be na confirm 1 year  ago
We stand strong to support such industrious Cameroonians...M... 1 year  ago
Pidgin Corner: Skidi Boy; bloggers, artists, filmmaker and t... 1 year  ago
Actress Mercy Johnson And Her New Hairdo Slay In New Photosh... 1 year  ago
Here's my comment and analysis of this whole saga! I have do... 1 year  ago
Danny Green, Smarty, Tchoupou Achille, Edi LeDrae, Mande Glo... 1 year  ago
My Story: An old flame 1 year  ago
The nude images of Actress Christabel Ekeh Finally gained in... 1 year  ago
By fire, By Force Women must be respected! 2 years  ago
Nigerian doctor and a father-of-2, banned in UK for pesterin... 2 years  ago
Cameroonian Bishop allegedly commits suicide, leaves suicide... 2 years  ago
Hello bro, hope the internet issue is okay now. We can ride ... 2 years  ago
Believe in God and Believe in yourself, so true! 2 years  ago
Hello Duro, how are you today? 2 years  ago
it's our pleasure and we look forward into the future....hav... 2 years  ago
any word to your fans and MCMGians? 2 years  ago
excellent we look forward to the future den 2 years  ago
great, but I was referring to songs you already released 2 years  ago
What I've become is an excellent piece, can't wait to start ... 2 years  ago
So do you have any old songs you will want me to make a play... 2 years  ago
they will be here to participate, just do your part bro....s... 2 years  ago
great bro, good enough!! 2 years  ago
All the Youtube Channels need some  optimization and y'all n... 2 years  ago
All the Youtube Channels need some  optimization and y'all n... 2 years  ago
good music is never old, we can always give some life to it.... 2 years  ago
if any of you want a complete playlist of your old songs, e-... 2 years  ago
hope y'all have listened to Dulo's playlist?  2 years  ago
and as a supportive tag team, you will be a force to be reck... 2 years  ago
where are the others? Sein Monty, Kiddo, Agbor D and Dulo? 2 years  ago
Young Holiday, Dulo and Agbor D are the rappers, how about a... 2 years  ago
Just like the Sun and Moon, You all have different times to ... 2 years  ago
Just like the Sun and Moon, You all have different times to ... 2 years  ago
This session is aimed at getting the 5 of you to know each o... 2 years  ago
MCMG believes in You, we believe in all of you on the list a... 2 years  ago
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