how to make money on instagram

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how to make money on instagram

how to make money on Instagram

Are you ready to learn how to make money on instagram?

Giving the popularity and growth rate scored by Instagram, every online marketer should be making some pretty big cash on instagram especially users with many followers. If you are living in this android and IOS generation, you should know instagram is a key component to your online marketing strategy, especially as a service-based business, where the competition often believes Instagram will not work for them.

Learning how to make money on instagram is a very easy task! The first thing you should learn to do; is how to make your instagram presence count. People like to follow instagram accounts with meaningful, inspirational and educational posts. People also like to follow accounts of body builders and fitness instructors. We currently have two instagram accounts, with one account having 10k plus followers and the second one still growing. You should consider creating two or more accounts and build a team if you really want to make the best of to make money using instagram

It took us one full year to grow our following on Instagram to 5000, but we are more determined and focused and agreed on some key strategies that skyrocketed our follower-ship of our first Instagram (@cameroonianbeauties).

These days, we are adding an average of 1200 new followers  per month on both accounts and get 30% of our websites traffic from Instagram. Instagram is really the way forward  and you(your team) as well suppose to know how to make money on instagram. If you get our approaches as explained below well digested,  you are sure to be the next big instagram miner.

  1. Show up consistently.It is essential that if you have an Instagram account, you are posting at least once a day to maintain a part of the conversation.  Posting consistently will keep you top of mind in your follower’s/customer’s heads.  Did you know that studies show that a potential customer has to interact with a brand a minimum of 7 times before ever taking action?  The more you post, the quicker this will happen.  I do suggest posting  no more than 3 times per day, with your posts at least 3-4 hours between posts. Anything more frequent will just clog your followers’ feeds and get annoying.

  1. Get social.Interact with the people who comment on your photos.  @Mention them back.  Ask them questions.  Share your gratitude.  And don’t be afraid to leave comments on other people’s pictures, too. Be generous with your likes.  Follow back people who are consistently interacting with you.  It’s called a social network for a reason!  Let people get to know you, and seek ways to get to know your follower

  2. Understand that your numbers are less important than engagement. The number of followers you have is definitely important. Followers act like little votes of confidence and give your brand credibility.  And because people do what they see other people do, the more followers you have, the more followers you will get. But, what good is a bunch of followers who are not active?  (I’ll give you a hint: NO GOOD AT ALL.)  Numbers aren’t everything. Engagement is what matters most.  You build engagement by building relationships. By putting some key strategies into place (like the ones listed above) you can make sure that you are building trust and turning the followers you do have into raving fans and eventual customers.

  3. Sell Your Instagram Pictures: There are lots of brands out there that are looking for popular photographs of high quality! If your photos are of very high quality, don’t really matter if taken with a mobile phone, you can start licensing them to companies that are willing to pay to use them for their own brand building purposes. Foap is a fantastic online photography marketplace, a place to meet with top companies that are looking for popular and quality pictures. Visit their official website, create a free account, create a quality profile and build a sound portfolio and you are sure to start getting buyers. Surf through the “Mission” section for high paying projects that companies are specifically looking for. You can also search google for other online photography market places or contact me for my personal collection of online market places for pictures. This is the fastest way to start making money by selling all your collection of instagram photographs.

  4. Become An Affiliate Marketer: An Affiliate marketer is a person or company that markets and generates sales and leads to other people’s or companies’ products and get a little share of the profit in the process. You too can become an affiliate marketer! How? You can search for affiliate marketing programs online, make a research and choose depending on the type of Instagram fans and followers you have built. Once you’ve established which program and products is best for your followers, sign up. Once approved, you’ll be able to browse their current promotional offers. You can then sort through the offers by pay, earnings per click (EPC), or click-through rate (CTR) to choose something you’d like to promote. All you need to do to start promoting an offer is copy the unique URL and paste it in your Instagram bio’s website section. When other users’ click on it to check it out, you could earn a commission if they decide to enter their personal information (like their email address) or buy something. And with some program, you can also make money just by generating leads without sales, so do you research before deciding on an affiliate program.

  5. Capture e-mail subscribers: You can use services like Mailchimp, capture e-mail subscribers and then send them links to your affiliate products or your own products directly via e-mails. MailChimp is popular email list-building service that lets you gather up to 2,000 email subscribers for free. You can also create and schedule emails to be sent out to your subscribers, which you can use to send them purchase links to affiliate products or even your own products that they may be interested in buying. MailChimp is a fantastic tool to choose for this, because it lets you easily build your own landing page forms and email templates so you can make it look and say exactly what you want. Once you have your landing page set up, you can simply copy and paste the URL into your Instagram bio’s website link.


Hope the above post was useful and you’ve learned how to make money on instagram.

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  1. Great tips here. i am really resisting to create an account on instagram.My reason is that i don,t like pictures. what can you say about this?

    1. Well having an account does not mean you have to post pictures of yourself. It might be about something you are passionate about for example say an account about food just take pictures of your favourite foods and post etc

      1. good point there Mz Bella, thanks for your contribution!!

  2. you can only make the best out of anything when you engage in it with passion.

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