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M.C was created as a platform on which Cameroonians from all works of life are given a fair chance of exposure and promotion; musicians, actors, actresses, models, producers, bloggers and entrepreneurs just to name a few. Below is a worthwhile interview of a young, dynamic and multi talented Cameroonian. The questions were carefully prepared on a Meetcameroonian interview questionnaire, which was sent to the interviewee via e-mail for answers. The answers to the questions provided prospective investors, partners, volunteers and people to make donation either in cash or kind reasons as to why they should get involved. Other Cameroonians will get a chance to learn from her and follow her lead. Dear readers, I hope you read to learn, understand, donate or volunteer. Remember it’s the. ” No Hunger Project” 

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Question: Many fans know you as Cimilar, what is your full name?

Answer:  My full name is Tatalangdji Claudette Kichuise

Question: Tell us more about your origin and upbringing?

Answer:   I was born in Buea Fako but I am from a very civilized place called Noni in the  North West Province, in the Bui division.

Question:What is the highest level of education you have received?

Answer: I am a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the university of  Buea and a Diploma in Human Resource Management from Pan African Institute of Development and Management.

Question: List any other education or training relevant to the no hunger project.

Answers: Leadership Skills “training”, Agriculture/Geography,  Environmental Sciences, Animal Biology Well I just listed a few i am a member of the UN world merit organization and I am handling one of their Sustainable Development Goals, actually Goal No:2 which is No Hunger. I have been attending conferences and am soon to complete a training organized by the U.N on Leadership and all other skills I will need to achieve my project of educating farmers and helping to eradicate Hunger in Cameroon.


Question: Have you found any ways to make your project easier or more rewarding?

Answer: Sure my very first initiative is to target the rich resources we have. Tell us more about the “No hunger” project. I want to use Education and agriculture to achieve. I cannot do all these by myself so I will obviously need a team to work with thus providing employment for the unemployed.

Question:  Tell us more about the “No hunger” project

Answer: I am thinking particularly of our rich soils. I have a saying I use often which goes thus “ You can make something good out of anything to survive” God made it in a way that if an area is not very rich in its soil, it will be rich in Dairy or animals for meat every.

Question: What do you do differently from other people having the similar initiatives

Answer:  I stand distinct in my project because as an artist, I will start by spreading awareness both nationally and internationally in my next single which will soon be out, hopefully before this month ends. I am a unique change maker and I won’t want to say much about how I differ from others handling the same project but I would rather it be shown in my work at the end.

Question: What are the challenges you’ve faced so far? And how did you tackle them

Answer:  So far i have passed all the evaluations and targets given to me by the world merit team and I am at the last target which is donations from those who want to see hunger eradicated. This last stage is very challenging but like I tell myself “nothing will stop me from making a change” I will sure attain my target on time. Click here the donation link

Question: Can you think of some projects or ideas (not necessarily your own) that were carried out successfully primarily because of your efforts?

Answer: yes i completely established and provided funds for a designer’s shop for  friend  in whom I noticed very great potentials and ideas early this year not far from where I live.

Question:What new ideas or suggestions have you come up with you think will be beneficial to farmers and households?

Answer: For now I will be focusing on rice production and mushrooms. Rice because it is widely consumed and could be very affordable if plenty and mushrooms because its seeds are not complicated to grow and it could be grown even at home. So one won’t necessarily need a vast piece of land to cultivate and put food on the table.

Question: Tell us about your team? Your position in as much as the project is concerned?

Answer:   This is a new project I am about to carry out. I am still undergoing training and I still have a final conference to attend before I materialize my project. So for now I have not created my team yet. Like I mentioned earlier on I am guided by the world Merit360 organization.

Question: We noticed you also have passion in music; tell us more about your career as a musician?

Answer: I come from a home where music is like the first means of communication with one another. We have a family choir which sings in church some Sundays and my mom is a choir mistress. So I was born in music. I started singing and even dancing when I was 4 and I have been choir prefect in all secondary schools I went to and it was from this that I decided to get into the music world not to lose the talent and as a means to express my emotions and passion for music. Here is the link to my first video in which i pass across an advice to those in any relationship not to listen to Hatters and Jealous people. see the video below:

Question: What career accomplishments are you most proud of

Answer: I am proud of being a good communicator. I have worked with a company for 4 years now and my contract has never been interrupted because of my good communication skills and my ability to deal with irate customers. I do many things at a time from my job at the office, to my music career right down to the project I am about to undertake and “Yes I Can” and if you would want to draw a line through all what I do, it will be a very straight one because you will find that communication features in all. That is why I say I am proud to be a good communicator

Question: What skills or talents do you have beside singing, writing and project management

Answer: Kaii Kaii “in my Noni tongue” I am a very good dancer oh, “laugh’s” For those who know me during my university days between 2008 to 2011, I guess all the know about me is that I am a wonderful dancer. I have many dance videos on my Facebook timeline with the name Cimilar Clandji and some on YouTube if you search using the name Tatalangdji kichuise


Question: What pressures do you feel in your project? How do you deal with them

Answer: The areas needing food support are enormous in and I wish I could tackle all at the same time, but then I can only take one at a time and it hurt me to know that while I will be tackling just one case many others somewhere may be dyeing for the same issue. This is kind of pressurizing but I must keep calm and fight for the course there is just one way I deal with any pressure not only from my project but in life. I take it to God. “Na God di win”

Question: Describe the highest pressure situations you have been under recently.

Answer:How did you cope with them? On the 3th of June I wished I could have power over time I had. I had to submit my second assessment from my organization, I was at the office and had to achieve my work target 350 calls in 8 hours, My co-singer and I had to record at the studio at 3 pm and only God knows how long the recording was going to take, and we had a show that same evening which ended at 3:am and I was back at the office at 6:am: here’s the link and it was a success. Well I stayed focused and achieved all of my targets and the next morning I received a mail for being the best agent at work that day as a customer said this about his interaction with me “Agent – Efficacité, rapidité, maîtrise des applications, des produits et services”

Question: Tell us how you maintain constant performance while under time and work load pressures.

Answer:I don’t mind doing what I do repeatedly till I get the best out of it, but anyone who knows me well  will tell you I always achieve my targets and on time too.

Question: Describe times in the past year when you have been most upset with yourself at work.

Answer:The only time I can remember being upset with myself was when I wasn’t selected at the final stage of a job interview with and international company GSK. I felt very depressed but what I did was to find out where I was limited during the video interview and right now as you can see I was selected as a world Merit change maker which means I worked out those limitations.

Question: Describe the last time a person at work(customer, coworker, and boss) became irritated or lost his/her temper. What did they do?  How did you respond?  What was the outcome?   

Answer:I am given a lot of respect at work because of my music career. My Boss is my number one fan and she makes sure that my work program doesn’t obstruct my recording sessions or my latest project but sometime last week because I couldn’t manage stress I had a little misunderstanding with one of a colleague which made me raise my voice for the first time in 4 years I have worked my company and this made the whole hall go mute and all eyes wide opened. I left the hall and went straight to the bathroom prayed and then came back into the hall and started apologizing from my boss to the least employer who was present at the scene.

Question: Tell me about some situations in which you became frustrated or impatient when dealing with (customers, co-workers, and boss).  What did you do?

Answer: In January we were invited for a program at Boom TV. I was off duty that day but my co-singer did work so we agreed on the time and place where we should meet. I was there on time but my co-singer and our manager where not there I sat there for almost 3hours and none of their numbers where going through and the guy presenting the show kept calling me. It was so frustrating and I kept grumbling to myself but just when I was about to cancel the program they appeared. They explained what happened and I understood and we went on with the program.

Question: In your career, what has been your greatest disappointment?                                                                           Answer: My greatest disappointment has been our reaction towards the entertainment industry. Both those in it and those outta. I won’t want to go detail but I prefer individual understanding of what I just said

Question: Give me an example of when your ideas were strongly opposed by a co-worker or supervisor.  What was the situation?  What was your reaction?  What was the result?

Answer:I believe in Listening to opinions in order to agree and execute. I usually don’t think my ideas are always the best but when I am very convinced about an idea which is being rejected by a large team, what  I normally do is  give myself the chance to try someone else’ idea because one never knows everything.


Question: How do you organize your day?

Answer:I wake up every morning at 5.30am.I used to set an alarm to wake me at that time but now I have become used to that I no longer use one by 6.15am I am driving to work and at 6.30am I am cleaning and arranging my desk so that by 7:00am I am handling my first customer. I leave office at 3pm and go to the studio and by 6pm I am church not far from the studio and then I am home by 8pm to work on my No Hunger project till eleven pm or midnight. This is my program every day but for my off day which usually varies.

Tatalangdji Claudette Kichuise Driving to work

 Question: How often is your time schedule upset by unforeseen circumstances?  What do you do when that happens?  Tell us about a specific time.

Answer: The nature of my job is very flexible such that I adapt myself at any time anywhere to any situation but most often I could be programmed to work in a different shift meanwhile I had other stuffs programmed at that time what I do is I talk with my boss and then swap with any colleague who accepts. This happens very often.

Question: How do you establish priorities in scheduling your time?  Give examples.

Answer: I took a time management course in which I learned to prioritize all tasks on A, B, or C lists. I always try to tackle the A list first. In every working situation, coworkers have always complimented me on how well I manage my time. I enjoy the social atmosphere of the office, but I make it a point not to waste much time on chitchat with colleagues. I’ve also learned that the average office worker spends about an hour a day handling e-mail. I make it a point not to deal with my email more than once or twice a day and I filter my messages into folders so I can prioritize the way I deal with them.

Question: What is your procedure for keeping track of items requiring your attention?

Answer: By time management and action plan

Question: What did you do to get ready for this interview?

Answer: I browsed through the online website meet Cameroonians to familiarize myself with some of your interview questions with other Cameroonians. Nevertheless I am all set to differentiate what I aim doing with that of competitor’s”

Question: We have all had times when we just could not get everything done on time.  Tell us about a time that this happened to you.  What did you do?

Answer: In 2013, I used to work and study for about 20 hours a day. I went to school, did my homework during breaks and managed a not-for-profit organization at night. At that time, working hard landed me countless national campaigns, opportunities to work with A-list organizations and a successful career. As time went on, I started thinking differently. I realized that working harder is not always the right path to success. Sometimes, working less can actually produce better results.

Question: Tell me how you establish a course of action to accomplish specific long-and-short term goals.

Answer: Such a nice question. I will apply the Major4 ‘Ps “Progress : review the course of action which were already in place or need to improvise the system by projecting or planning new action Plan : the next level of action to be planned Problems: giving importance to those which are problematic ones from the planned action Prioritize :  Selecting the most which is leading the top and recommend for suitable action plan after thorough analysis.

Question: Do you postpone things?  What are good reasons to postpone things

Answer:Yes I do postpone things when they are not very pressing or Clashes with my Job.

Question: Give me some examples of projects or tasks where you postponed immediate action.  Why?

Answer:Most often I postpone my recording sessions or assignments that need more time in order not rush over them and make mistakes.

Question: Describe how you instruct someone to do something new.What were you training them to do?  Walk us through how you did it.

Answer:Whenever I am instructing someone to do something new I always make sure I am present after I must have instructed you so that we do it together


Question: Tell me about a time you had to win approval from your co-workers for a new idea or plan of action.

Answer: The creation of the music duo Name “Cimilar” My co-singer proposed “Similar” because we are both called Claudeth and Claudette but after brain storming I proposed we replace the “S” with a “C” because of the beginning letters of our name

Always ready to bring the best in others - Cimilair

Always ready to bring the best in others – Cimilair

Question: Give a specific example of something you have done that demonstrates you are a team player.

Answer:I certainly very much enjoy working with others; I’m outgoing, I enjoy the team spirit and I understand the needs of others. I’m good at helping the team to see the bigger picture which is what I have been doing as group leader at work and in my music duo – to see the wood from the trees helping team members to focus on what really matters rather than getting bogged down in irrelevant detail. I’m also good at helping the team to spot flaws in our approach and potential problems and pitfalls. I believe I have strong communication skills and, while I don’t yet have experience in a leadership role, I do have a talent for liaising between different team members and resolving any disputes which may arise. Conflicts between different team members are rarely very productive and so my strategy has always been best avoid them.

Question: What leadership skills and experience do you have that would qualify you as an effective leader?

Answer: My ability to communicate effectively with others, My ability to recognize and understand the viewpoints of others,  And finally my ability to appreciate the contribution you are expected to make

Question: What are some recent responsibilities you have taken on?  Why did you assume these responsibilities?

Answer:For now my project of eradicating hunger in Cameroon is a delicate one and I would rather put a pause to every other thing I am doing just to make sure I achieve my goal.

Question: All projects have their frustrations and problems.  Describe specific job conditions, tasks, or assignments that have been dissatisfying to you.  Why?

Answer: I can only remember one and this had to do with my music career where my co-singer and I had to give some money to another artists with whom we agreed that he drops one of our singles at particular places but he did not honor his own part of the contract.

Question: Give me an example of when you worked the hardest and felt the greatest sense of achievement.

Answer:On the first of May we were all given assignments at the office to make the day memorable and interesting given that we needed to work and not have our holiday that day. I was part of the organizing team and I the time given us was to short but I got so involved in going to arrange for the food and for a DJ that I obtained a little injury at the end. I felt the greatest sense achievement at the end of the day because I was given a price for the most devoted that day.

Question: What were/are your reasons for getting involved in this project?

Answer:There are few activities more rewarding than helping other people. There are many ways in which you can get involved in bettering the lives of those in your community and far beyond it. Although humanitarian projects can be challenging, they are well worth the effort.

Question: What do you like best (least) about your project as a leader and planner?

Answer:The fact that I am a lover of Team work because as the saying goes “with one hand you cannot tie a bundle of brooms” and my project warrants working with a passionate team. I am excited to work with new people


Question: As a leader, convince me in few words to become a partner, make a donation or volunteer a service.

Answer:I begin by asking a question: “What’s the most important thing about the have something to eat or a job to do, to you?” Cameroonians are suffering and most of them have the knowledge but no one to guide them on how to use their intelligence. Many take the risk of going on adventures and end up dyeing before reaching their destination. You and I can make home “Cameroon” more comfortable for everyone because we have understood and discovered the key. Donating your ideas and time is important not forgetting a dollar can feed a kid.

Question:What are your long-and-short term plans for No hunger project ?  Are they in writing?

Answer: Sensitizing people on how to stop hunger through agriculture in Cameroon. Educating farmers on how to grow rice and mushrooms and campaigning against activities like using too much water during times of normal rainfall which could cause droughts in the dry season and also providing more land for agricultural use. These are some of the activities hampering the production of rice by the countries that are specialized in it like Thailand,china and the Ndop plain in Cameroon, so that when production is high, they would supply to more countries at a cheaper rate. In this way even the least privileged would be able to afford what to eat and there’s not going to be any hunger in the world. We are very rich in resources but the issue is we are limited in knowledge on how to use them. Mushrooms can be grown even at home and it’s seeds are very affordable. I have come up with a project which involves educating private or local farmers on how they can do to stop hunger and myself am growing mushrooms to have a better experience in the knowledge am passing across. This project will go a very long way to eradicate hunger and thus employ many people in the world.

Question: Why did you choose this project?

Answer:I choose this project because of my passion for volunteering and agriculture and also the fact that we suffer Hunger and unemployment meanwhile we are richly blessed with resources and only need a little knowledge to use them.

Question: What do you plan to achieve or gain from this project? And how would it be beneficial to others?

Answer:It has always been my dream to be a change maker. So I long for inner satisfaction after achievement. And it will be great fulfillment seeing everyone not lacking what to eat not what to do


Question: Tell us about your recruitment procedures, how you get new members, partners, workers and sponsors.

Answer:Concerning recruitment, I cannot give a satisfactory answer as yet because I am not done with my training from the World Merit. But I promise to make available every information when the time comes not long from now though.

Give us your complete contact details (website, e-mail address, phone numbers) so prospective partners, volunteers, people to make donations could contact you directly.

Thank you. God Bless our Country Cameroon

God bless you

Interview questions prepared by: CEO Davis

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