Reine Mere Askia Karin in a serious Fight

MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

Guys, get some Popcorn and then hit play on Young Holiday’s MMML Below while you consume the juice and sauce served by Askia Karin:


Epic and Poetic Rap from Cameroon’s Best Rapper; Young Holiday:


Which designer is Askia fighting with? 

See what Askia posted on her timeline:

Finally. Looks like I gotta keep fighting. People just hate to see something good going on in a person’s life that they do all they can to drag her down. Aunty you ain’t the first to try and pull me down, I have been fighting since I started and I will keep fighting till y’all realize I’m an army on my own . When Liz brought me a gift I was glad but what made me even happier wasn’t the dress but what she said .”ASKIA I CAME TO SAY THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME FROM THE VERY START OF MY JOURNEY AS A DESIGNER “. Now that was dope .I was speechless but I was crying inside cuz I was so happy with myself for being a human first before a crazy annoying diva and I actually encouraged some one to follow her dreams and it worked.Den dis other aunty comot cam ???no vex say I’m doing alright and I nodi wear your designs anymore ??. You do not understand my body type and your designs are kinda erhmmm (coughing). You are rude I am too ,you are loud asf and so am I , you have enemies boo just like me and you know nothing abt managing a Talent so i couldn’t work with you (THANK U LORD). What I needed was a person that has got something positive to teach me( Ngoh Dalida) who is also very very smart. I see people hating and that’s cool but for a grown woman like u to accuse an adult of begging designers for outfits to wear is just bruuuuhhhh!!!!??? You got my Attention when u said #Queen. That’s who I am and I’m glad u know but this queen right here is grown ,you want attention ? Knock yourself out. you have mad competition di man and I’m not afraid to tell u this to your face. GET TO WORK oh cuz di Petit seour Dem get na red eye. Dey nedi laf. People like you are Idle ,time is passing you by so fast ???. All i have is myself and God who has giv3n me the power to fight back. Did u say I’m fake ? Bitch pls you know i call it like i see it. Advice to you ignore me ( R.I.P to the muyuka victims ) focus on your competition cuz time no dey, I’m already climbing and u no go climb na for ma back u over get skin. ?????. Take your five minutes of fame but make sure you collect sense too cuz your brain don soft . ( Adjust crown) Designers come to me ,much more talented ones .

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