Things to Do During The strike, Empowering Southern Cameroonians

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Southern Cameroons

“The best way to defeat our common enemy is to empower Southern Cameroonians”

The struggle continues, we, Southern Cameroonians are not certain when we shall finally see the restoration of our Country. Schools are closed, businesses paralysed. Saloon owners in a Fashion and Beauty city like Buea are gnashing. Jucy Pac, a manicure and pedicure specialist based in Buea confirmed to us—since November, his business has been slow, owing to the fact that students who happen to make up the greater percentage of his customers find no need for this exquisite treats cos of the strike.

Many other Southern Cameroons’ Youths are confused on activities to engage in, God forbid they get caught in the pursuit of filthy lucre and also not to be found wanting in any way once our Statehood is restored!  Thus, with time as our most precious and available resource at this point in our history—you sure don’t want to waste it—These among others, are things you can do during the strike:

Mobilisation: “An Idle mind is the devil’s workshop” and another witticism holds it that, “necessity is the mother of all invention”.  Yes, businesses are actually slow because of  the West Cameroon struggle,  but what can we do to prune it’s effect? We can get our services to our clients!

Like Jucy Pac Brandon, you too can Mobilise your business

Like Jucy Pac Brandon, you too can Mobilise your business

Get in touch with us, provide pictures of your products or services, a brief description and contact number. We shall put up a post like this one, and just like Brandon, we shall help mobilised your services. Now is the time to take your services and products to customers.

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Step 1: Make a post, post a pic or share a link:

Southern Cameroons

Amateur Graphic design for M.C Media

Step 2: Click on V like Icon, then click on “Pin Post”:

Southern Cameroons

Using the Pin post option as a promotional and advert tool

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You can also  write reviews about products and services and get your group members to comment, like and share since they already know and trust you.

Instagram: You can build your Instagram presence, get devoted followers and start making money as an affiliate marketer.  For a proper comprehension, ensure to read our previous post on how to make money on Instagram. You can make money by spending time on this website! How is that possible?

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