Stop fornicating, hate so That God Can elevate you…Actress, Tonto Dikeh Warns

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These days, Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has become more spiritual than many thought as she has been very vocal with preaching God’s words to her fans.

Although she is not loved by all as sometimes she is involved with various allegations or dramas but she still believes that with the word of God, lots of people can still change from their ways.

Her latest sermon is about surviving through God’s grace and in going about it, she shared some thoughts which she feels will go a long way in helping others grow.

“A lot of times many of us think we are ready for everything God is about to do. We look ready. We seem ready… We even get frustrated that it’s not happening. But hey! Life is marathon and just because you turn up in a jersey and the right running shoes doesn’t mean you are actually prepared for the race.

“The waiting seasons of life are actually God’s disguise to prepare you for what lies ahead and sometimes it’s not the big things. It’s the little things that go quite unnoticed. Moses parted the Red sea but needed Patience to see the land he prophesied about. Samson slew thousands but needed self control to fulfill the totality of his destiny.

“So from anger, to bitterness, to unforgiveness, lust, procrastination, pride, Gossiping, fornicating, hate, envy or even talkativeness, there are things you must shed to be prepared for what lies ahead. So you think you are ready? Self Scan! Lean on God and learn by Grace!”

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