The Eye Of Truth: How To Tell if she’s Straight OR a Lesbian

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In the western society and in Asia, you can easily identify a lesbian by her sense of fashion, mannerism, Hairstyle,short fingernails, Conversation and lifestyle, but in Cameroon and Africa as a whole it’s different. You need to be extremely wise to deduce if she’s into you because she needs some man to pay her bills or it’s for real. This is so because our girls seem to be the most brain washed in the world. In Cameroon you will find a straight girl living and behaving in every way like a lesbian. you will find straight girls wearing anklets, dressing like tomboys, keeping low and over gelled hair styles with so many colors, you will find straight girls using lesbian slang. It’s very difficult to differentiate a straight girl from a lesbian in our society, but from my experiences, am going to drop some points below.

I have actually had encounters with three different Lesbians. In Cameroon because of poverty lesbians are not true to their sexuality; they have sex with men for money and have sex with girls for love! How then can you tell she’s not just using you as a bank? Read on!

In 2011, I was at Africanna Restaurant; Molyko, Buea eating a hot plate of rice and beans. I was about to have a sip of the glass of juice poured out from the bottle served for me by the Africanna waiter, then, walked in two girls. One was a familiar face, I had known her in my early days in Limbe, she walked up to me and we exchanged pleasantries and I didn’t waste any time to tell her I was into her friend. Her friend was a tall, dark beauty, she had a low dread with expressing eyes and a big butt. Oh my gosh! qualities I’ve been looking or wished my ideal woman to have. She told me in pidgin English;”nothing pass arrangement”. I described where I lived, and she promised to come and visit me with her friend.

Hours later, she was there with her friend as promised and thence I started a relationship with her friend, fell head over heels in love with her instantly(That was quick right? that was in 2011 it doesn’t happen in 2016). she was the talkative and I knew I had found a pal in a female. Oh yea I was damn right cos she turned out to be just another hommie. Day in day out, my kickoff perspective of her drifted, but the love I had for her was stronger than the bits of her dark sides my wit uncovered. I made up excuses for her within me and convinced myself times uncountable, ” She’s going to Change”. That was far-fetched! I learned from experience the reality behind the Idiom of,”  A leopard can’t change its spots”.

The following points led to unraveling the mysteries that revolved around her:

  • Her charm to make new set of female friends on daily basis.
  • Most of the newly created friendship never survived few days.
  • Being too comfortable with men and in arguments, conversations she always beat the fellas.
  • She often went to the night club alone and came back to her place with girls she met in the club.
  • Girls hugged her so tight and called her baby right in front of me.
  • Her Conversation with her old school mates from a female same sex boarding school.
  • Her sense of fashion, mannerism, Hairstyle,short fingernails, and lifestyle.

I was very convinced deep in me she was a lesbian, but again the love I had for her was so rare: it was the one of  deep understanding with no judgement, it was open for dialogues and many chances. To be 100% sure of my suspicion, I took her out for Lunch, we ate, drank, conversed and somehow the topic popped-up – the moment of truth! I asked her two questions, but prior to the questioning section, I had cautioned her that I already know the answers to the questions, but intended only to see if she’s true to herself. The questions and answers were thus:

  1. Q:how was your temperament like when you were in your teens?
  • A: Used to act like a boy, walking and bouncing with my hands in between my legs.

2.Q: Why were you dismissed from the female boarding school?

  • A: Because I brought cooked food to school!
  • My Reaction: Oh No! thought I told you I already know the answers to the questions? You already know how popular I am, and don’t be surprise to find out even your father could be an acquaintance of mine. Again, why where you dismissed?

  • A: Because one of my teachers said, ” I am a lesbian”.

To cut the few months long story short, we had other series of conversation, she told me in one of our conversations over the phone that if I give her enough reasons to change, she’s for sure going to change. She opened up, I didn’t judge her or ended the relationship, went ahead to shower her more love, always telling her if on the last day and the lord gets to ask her to explain why she chose lesbianism, let her response not be in the following lines, ” My heart got broken by men, ‘there wasn’t a man to love and carter for me’, I wasn’t opportune to meet the right man”

We broke up a month later because, she had the guts to start bringing her Lesbian friends to grace my company. Her friends shamelessly or should I say couldn’t control their passion, making fun of men, feeding each other and even exchanged kisses on the neck. At one instance in a restaurant in Molyko where we visited to have Lunch, with two of her Lesbian friends – It was the height of it all – The highest I could endure! She was like waving and making hand signs to her friends to stop, but they were all carried away by Lesbo passion to perceive what she meant. I was not as dumb as other men not to comprehend their travesty  and perversion. That was the End of The relationship and the End of this write-up.

Thanks for reading and hope you picked something from the post.


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