The man who saw tomorrow: Emmanuel Mbella Lifafe (EML) Endeley

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emmanuel mbella lifafe eml endeley

Emmanuel Mbella Lifafe (EML) Endeley:

What do know about Emmanuel Mbella Lifafe (EML) Endeley?

This great man has been described by many as: a proud man, haughty, domineering, scornful and contemptuous of other politicians.  Another set of people described him as: intelligent, resourceful, the first ever true democrat from Africa and  the man who saw tomorrow!

Born on 10 April 1916 and passed away on June 29, 1988!  Prior to his demise, he studied in the Nigerian School of Medicine in Yaba and graduated as a medical practitioner. Served in Nigeria as an assistant medical officer and in 1945, he served in Buea; Southern Cameroons as a chief medical officer. He found himself struggling with the mighty CDC over the need for a better working conditions for 25000 southern Cameroonians CDC had employed at that time. He led Southern Cameroonian representatives out of  the Eastern Nigerian House of Assembly in Enugu and later fought for an autonomous Southern Cameroons in 1954.

Emmanuel Mbella Lifafe (EML) Endeley was from a minority tribe and since “democracy” simply means “majority”, his stance against unification with the republic of Cameroun could not bare any fruits since his rivals(Foncha, Muna, and Jua) could be identified and easily convinced the majority of Southern Cameroonians.

Emmanuel Mbella Lifafe (EML) Endeley

Emmanuel Mbella Lifafe (EML) Endeley the great SC Politician

On the eve of the 1961 Plebiscite, the man who saw tomorrow released a very long but insightful pamphlet warning Southern Cameroonians of the impending dangers of voting for unification with the Republic Of Cameroun.  Below are excepts from the Pamphlets which we term; “Top predictions by Emmanuel Mbella Lifafe (EML) Endeley.

Emmanuel Mbella Lifafe (EML) Endeley

  1. If you vote for Cameroun Republic, you will for ever fail to secure independence for the Southern Cameroons because Cameroun Republic is still a COLONY of France. French troops are still stationed in Douala and Yaounde…The CPNC maintains that it is no use for the Southern Cameroons to move from the British COLONY system. We must move into true INDEPENDENCE with Nigeria.
  2. Under the French system, you cannot have a fair trial. Anyone accused of an offence in the Cameroun Republic is manhandled and flogged and is generally treated as a guilty criminal. Even the most junior policeman there seems to have the power of “life and death” over the common people! This is a bad system and must be rejected by the voters.
  3. Who amongst you would like to live in a country where your life and property are constantly in danger? Who amongst you peaceful citizens of the Southern Cameroons, will like to live in a country where you may be shot at as you move along the street, or your wife killed as she toils the farm?
  4. Who amongst you will like to live in a country which lacks complete respect for human dignity and where you cannot speak out your mind freely or pursue your business in peace? Surely none of you. Who amongst you will like your children to grow up in servitude? Surely none of you.
  5. If you want to avert the impending confusion that will befall the Southern Cameroons, and if you want the territory to develop into a county where all will be fairly treated and adequately catered for; where there will be equal opportunities for everyone, irrespective of tribe, creed, race or political association, then cast your vote in the GREEN BOX during the Plebiscite on February 11.

The Majority , lacked the insight to see what EML Saw—voted for unification and today we are back to the drawing board to correct the mistakes of our fore fathers.



15 thoughts on “The man who saw tomorrow: Emmanuel Mbella Lifafe (EML) Endeley”

  1. Anonymous says:

    He was truly a great father and politician, a unique and charismatic leader. We are only plagued because he is from a minority tribe and region…

    1. What do you mean by Minority tribe?

  2. How i wish every southern Cameroonians had the insight eml had, we wouldn’t losing the lives of our brothers and sisters in the street in the name of protest.

  3. if and only if every Southern Cameroonian then had the insight mr eml had, we wouldn’t be having this problems. Imagine what we would have become being a state in Nigeria giving all the resources we have and man power…fuck foncha and his cling of sellouts who sold us into this bs.

    1. Our fight right now is not against corpses like Foncha! if we do not fight a reasonable right now our Children will also fuck us in our graves. Be wise and let the dead rest!!

  4. Though he was proud, he was a selfless man!!! He sacrificed lots for our nation, opened the eyes of John Ngu Foncha and St Muna who later on betrayed him by forming the separatist party knowing-fully well that the Northwest Region is more populated than southwest. Foncha won the premier and the rest was history.

  5. Boss Chick says:

    Thanks for the information about this great man, we were thought he was against the third option of southern Cameroon gaining total independence without joining neither Nigeria nor Rebulique du Cameroun. Haven’t heard much about his pamphlet, his achievements and his prediction. He is a great man and one day we shall erect a monument in his honor. Once again, thanks for the information

    1. He was indeed a great man, but it’s unfortunate his opponents used his vices against him to win over the heart of the masses who cast the vote in support of re-unification with La Republique du cameroun. What a mess!!!

  6. he was a very proud man and probably we would have been worst if we did unite with Nigeria…Hope you guys haven’t forgotten the igbo phobia?

    1. Mr Gerald, the Igbo phobia? Nigeria is not only made up of the Igbos, we have several other tribes and we did enjoyed a great amount of freedom being administered from Nigeria during the time of the British than we would ever have in La Republique.

  7. kange williams wasaloko says:

    It is difficult to say whether a marriage between southern cameroon and the federal republic of Nigeria would have been better because you can only know how confortabe a bed is by sleeping on it. I think that Dr. Endely’s reasons for southern cameroon to join Nigeria were influenced by his personal attachment to Nigeria;

    Firstly, Endeley’s first wife ETHEL ENDELEY of bleessed memory was of Nigerian origin.

    Secondly, Dr. Endeley like most educated anglophne cameroonians studied in Nigeria.

    Thirdly, Dr Endeley as a student admire the views of great statesment like Tafewa balewa and Nnamdi Azikiwe.

    Fourthly,as a typical anglican, he could not tolerate the corrupt and alien french system. Infact his hatred for the french language was an open secret.

    Endeley’s critics however advanced the following views; that it is alledged he struck a secret deal with the nigerian government without the knowledge of his kinsmen.
    they also hold the view that the ibo traders and smugglers were very hostile to cameroonian traders at the time. Stories of how human beings were killed and sold to nigerians were very common in those days.
    Nigera at the time was the seat of sects like ;(ogbony society),(olumba olumba)etc.
    Talking about a union with Nigeria therefore was a far fetched dream.
    Finally while Ahidjo kept on lobbying foncha and the influential anglophone politicians at the time promising better wages with support from the french, neither the nigerian government nor their english colonial master had proposed concrete assistance to southern cameroon.
    My honnest view is that while it is important to discuss the past, let us stop blaming our politician and see how we can make up for the past, so that our kids will not blame us tomorrow.

    1. I disagree. Nigerians promised us full autonomy under them. Our own premier, governors, ministers, house of assembly etc East cameroun promised us just a house of Assembly and a federal court of justice.

  8. Please make sure every Southern Cameroonian reads Endeley’s prediction. This is amazing.

  9. Words well phrased; “the man who saw tomorrow”

  10. Weeeeee Endeley i am sooo heartbroken. How could Foncha sell us out? What did Ahidgjo promise him that he failed to realize that he was dealing with the future of an entire generation of people? How could he evne think of unification with people with whom we had no similarities, identities with. Foncha, only God knows what you did to us. selling us out for government positions and when it no longer suited you and you were fired, you started talking against them. God even if i do no live long enuf to finally see our FREEDOM, may my children and their generations see it and rewrite our history again.

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