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Emotions kept aside, Truth be told: “ECA” Endorses The Consortium

While the Consortium tries as much as possible to speak to the government as an industrial union(Teachers, lawyers, traders, transporters)…the corrupt government of La Republique condescends to their ancient tactics of divide and rule; calling separate meetings between lawyers and teachers, and vehemently excluded other factions of the Consortium (Okada ridders, Taxi drivers and traders).Though the outcomes of the meetings with the government have always been in favour of the struggle, the government has never really spoken to the consortium as a body, but as lawyers and teachers!

The people have been resolute, social media activists like Mark Bara have been consistent and Southern Cameroons’ restoration seems to be few steps away, yet the regime does not see the consortium as heavy weight enough, to wrestle with , “Tête–à–tête”, on a round table.

The grievances in Southern Cameroons are not limited to the consortium (industrial problems), every southern Cameroonian has been cheated (natural resources exploited without payments of royalties, human resources fully tapped but poorly paid for), every Southern Cameroonian has been denied opportunities, every Southern Cameroonian is a second class citizen in their own land, just so you know, every Southern Cameroonian has a problem.

“A drowning man will clutch at a straw”, The consortium emerged to Southern Cameroonians at a point they needed a grounded leading body,unanimously, until date Southern Cameroonians have supported and pushed the consortium forward. The outcome of the January 9th Ghost town further corroborate my claims. The people via the leadership of the consortium beat the Government to the test and a historic ghost town was recorded; an additional “feather” it’s to the red cap of the consortium.

The question everyone is afraid to ask is, “What becomes of every other Southern Cameroonian problem after the demands of lawyers and teachers, (the fragment of the consortium the government crafted out for several talks) are solved?

Yes the Consortium is formidable, proven beyond doubts, but in my candid opinion, other stakeholders in this struggle, should follow the trail the consortium created, and form a unify front of what they represent, or are fighting for (politicians, clergymen, social media activists, SCNC, Scapo, the youth leagues and other Southern Cameroons restoration movements). No more dialogues, no fruits have they yield thus far, “All WE NOW WANT IS A UN ORGANISED AND SPONSORED REFERENDUM”

We all have to agree, there’s a need for other fronts to unify!

The English Cameroons Authority has also emerged as a seemingly united political, Religious and Youth Activist front of the Southern Cameroons struggle. On January 8th, 2017, Justice Ayah Paul Abine published a list of ECA members, which included the names of top and prominent politicians like: Ni John Fru Ndi, Ayah Paul Abine, Prince Michael Ekosso; a patriarch like senior and respected citizen, often dubbed the , ” Southern Cameroons living encyclopedia”, Mola Njoh Litumbe as co-chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi. Click on the contents menu below to see the complete list!

On the  the 10th January, 2017, ECA officially endorsed the Consortium and made a preposition for the enlargement of the platform, making it Socio-Political and industrial. This official statement was signed and sealed by one of the executive officers of ECA, Justice Ayah Paul Abine. Click on the menu to view the document!

If ECA is truly for the people’s struggle and gets endorsed as well by the consortium, then I can confidently say; we are few steps away to the finishing line.

Long live Southern Cameroons!

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