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On the 16th of June, a contest was opened on this platform for creative writer, 500 words short story. You can check it out by clicking on this link(500 words short story) . In the whole of Cameroon just one person did wrote a story in the name of Lionel, story is posted below unedited. Mr Lionel you are the sole contender and the winner of the contest. As promised, your story will be produced into a movie and you’ve won for yourself a cash prize. All you have to do to get your prize is get to the CEO of Makonjo Media Buea, Otto Paul Akama and he will hand over the prize to you and take some few pictures with you for the purpose of exposure. Thanks for writing and being creative, we are going to put the best minds together to screenplay and produce your story into a movie. Dear readers, you can read the story below and drop your comments to encourage other creative writers.

DEADLINE TO COLLECT THE PRIZE: If Mr Lionel doesn’t show up after 2 days, the prize and competition will be cancelled and a new one launched.


Mon Pays is blend of fiction, real life experiences and imagination of Cameroon; a Cameroonian story 50 years after independence and re-unification. Corruption, tribalism, greed and selfishness have been prevalence in Mon Pays; reasons for the marginalization of the anglophone minority by their superior francophone brothers, lack of trust and co-operation between the north west and the south west brothers of the English speaking minority. The inner fighting among the tribes and ethnic groups over these years got many thinking mon pays was affected the highest when the towel of babel was destroyed, thus the reason Cameroonians can not truly be identified under a common identity.
500 words Story line:
Egbe met Lum when he was working as a CDC electrician in Loum, though he stayed in Tombel, he always made it to work on time. Egbe is a Bayangui man from Bachuo Ntai, he loved one thing most about Lum, the way she pounded and served him,”achu”. Her father sworn never to give his blessings to their marriage, “over his ‘dead body’, his only daughter will not get married to a Bayangui man, saying; Bayangui people are too proud, and most of them in camp four—where Mr Niba and family resided—call us from Bafut and North west, “ Cam no go”, continued Mr Niba. He made clear his points to his daughter, but they couldn’t bear any fruit; Lum was already head over heels in love with Egbe. All determined and was wedded to Egbe on 11 December 1978. On the 29th day of November 1982, a son was birthed, they named him Egbe Terence Niba.
Egbe and Lum raised young Terence in the ways of the Lord, always ensured he attended Sunday school , they worked even extra harder to give him the best of education. Terence was good with other subjects, but not with the Languages—he made 9 O-Level papers and had two “Ds”. Two years later he enrolled for the 2002 session of the A-level examination and emerged successful with 4 papers. Even with his good points, he could not secure admission into the only Anglo Saxon University in his “Pays” because he failed the O-level English.
Terence had resolved never to get involved in any argument that had anything to do with Southwest and Northwest. His parents lived harmoniously, he never heard them argue about regions, thus Terence decided to extend the lessons learned from his parents to his friends; who did argued over trivial things.
Two years gone. When Terence first got to Yaounde he faced difficulties adapting to the urban life. He lived with his uncle at Obili neighborhood before finally moved to his hostel in SOA.  He liked it there, it was a suburb just like Nkambe his whole family had relocated to when Mr. Egbe was promoted as a government treasurer. Everything was good for Tboy and he was very excited about the thoughts to finally graduate within a year and few months—and then the ordeal—mishap and a reshape of path for Terence. His dad was accused of embezzlement, tried and convicted, sentenced to spend 10 years imprisonment. The local people in Nkambe didn’t like Mr Egbe, they always insisted the position he held was meant for a son of the soil. After so many attempts to poison him, they finally got him behind bars. It was a win win for the Nkambe people as Mr Egbe was replaced by a son of the soil. Fortunately for him, he had convinced Terence to read law, he always called him, “my lawyer”. It was a big vote of confidence—a father to a son—Terence was quick to push the lawyers to go to the court of apeal. Properties were sold, few hands were rubbed under the table and the appeal court verdicts were in favour of Mr Egbe.
Mr. Egbe came out of jail, laid off work, no income, he had no choice but resorted to drinking and smoking. He wife on the other hand was very strong in spirit and decided to start selling, “fufu & Eru”. Terence rushed back to SOA, but it was to late for him, he had missed a lot, for 8 months had past. With the present condition back at home, being the first born son of 7, it was time for T-boy to get to the hustle.


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  1. the story is touching and interesting

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