A beautiful Beast – Nathalie Koah

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Lyrics originally posted on Facebook on the 13th of February, 2016. Composed by CEO Davis.


Beauty and character, what a rare combination
Manor where’s Kamer heading to
bitches be like,
shit needs to go viral
porn it black & white
Kamer wouldn’t care
let me hear all the virtuous
women shout oo noooh

La belle Nathalie Koah
nyango c’est quoi nor
You lack it, no d rob grand e name for mud
I se eh, esque e no pay your fare
telling CMR this ain’t fair
par-ce-que brodaman took his share
even though you fall like pear
Y’ass flaunting strong, no d fear
you for-fei-ted it entemp que you start sellam
pu-pet-ted to porn it black & white, pritam
now bitches wanna role model you
Character void,yet they falla you
y’all need excuse for ya doing
ahead ahead, keep-it-going
your portrait won’t change from negative
check sense Koah you need be positive
now run to Jesus to find true love
they se you be loss, only God go love
get lost in him, bad market no go be ur portion
wiseman credit you, just a few abortions
oh no no, it ain’t easy to let go parfois
believe it or not,no b u one don move fois


bitch your ego so broke
tryna sell shame
just to buy fame
you still on same lane
tryna act lame
I beg mami, go get a life
leave bossman alone e now get a wife
why tryna sell shame
just to buy fame (2x)

Rap verse 2

Bitch ass now popular
wety be her formula
goldigin + ass shining raised 2 the power je ma fool
Succeeded only to make outta ya ass a fool
Your shit on social media, porn laughter
Mama shout, daughter be don d scatter
open matter for any man with Rover
used mendem as bridge to get over
bitch only a dog cunts a bitch
leaving his balls tight in her ditch
mami you be just bogus
better pay flight go hide for Lagos
not here in Kamer, we no want promiscuous
fine girl, no character, no fit be sumptuous

Chorus 2

I se eh mami, only Jesus fit save you
come to him now and get a new life
mami, that lane already made you a hole
take it back. you don’t have to give it your soul
why tryna sell shame
just to buy fame (2x)


One thought on “A beautiful Beast – Nathalie Koah”

  1. boster flex says:

    really a beautiful beast, seen her nude, she consciously opened her Virginia and took most of the pictures herself. She’s a disgrace and nobody needs to copy from her

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