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Atanga Nji Paul has been branded a traitor for carrying out his special duty for The La Republique Du Cameroun’s Government (The Slave master as others put it) by completely denying his own people. Ni John Fru Ndi, the national Chairman of SDF, a political party in La Republique Du Cameroun is more of a traitor and sellout than Atanga Nji Paul, for applying several mind control techniques including the CIA MK-ultra mind control technique, to keep his Southern Cameroon brothers under eternal oppression by La Republique Du Cameroun.

Crowd psychology, also known as mob psychology, is a branch of social psychology.  This field relates to the behaviours and thought processes of both the individual crowd members and the crowd as an entity. Crowd behaviour is heavily influenced by the loss of responsibility of the individual and the impression of universality of behaviour, both of which increase with the size of the crowd. A clear example is in a football stadium, a member of the crowd finds himself/herself standing/shouting/applauding because every other member of the crowd is doing the same. The study of Mob psychology reveals that most people easily get influenced by the crowd and a glaring example is reflected by the national chairman of SDF’s recent visit to Buea. The crowd in Buea did welcome the chairman by chanting, ” Papa eyee, yayato, Papa eyee, yayato,”. Out of the crowd, many folks were like, ” did I just welcome this traitor”?   Now let’s decode Ni John Fru Ndi – watch the video below:

Fru Ndi has never spoken for Federation or independence of Southern Cameroonians! Why on this occasion did he jumped on the bandwagon? simply to derail its course!  Victory is imminent and Fru Ndi is the best puppet at this point, “a Judas to betray his people with a kiss in exchange of 30 pieces of silver”.

Points to note:

  1. His staged arrest: a mind control technique to make the people believe he is for them and against the regime. Fru Ndi is sure wise enough not to bite the fingers that feed him.
  2. MPS wearing the flag of La Republique
  3. Fru Ndi trying to make the crowd sing the national anthem of La Republique.
  4. Proclaiming and declaring himself a hero by telling the people he is willing to die in Buea.
  5. A close look at Fru Ndi shows there’s no Anglophone marginalization: his bank account is heavy, he drives exotic cars, has several body guards from the regime.
  6. True Southern Cameroon heroes like Ebenezer Akwanga spent years of imprisonment, Fru Ndi’s staged arrest lasted only few minutes.
  7. Fru Ndi discredited die hard Ambazonia activists in exile.
  8. Fru Said he came to calm down the people, but failed to show them the way forward with their struggle.
  9. Fru Ndi hijacked the protest to make his 2018 presidential campaign and praised his SDF that has failed to win a single election for 26 years.

Fru Ndi had to reiterate about being locked up in Buea for the second time so as to further conditioned the people’s mind for a deeper control. Most people see this traitor as the man to lead Southern Cameroonians now into a federation or to get their independence, but I see him as a man who is going to take Southern Cameroonians 56 years backward. This is a man who is not different from Paul Biya, the president of La Republique du Cameroun for the past 34 years.

Ni John Fru Ndi, 26 years as the chairman of SDF, has never for once thought of making a younger and more energetic person the presidential candidate of the party. Let me take you back some five years ago during the last presidential election. The opposition parties joined in a coalition to stand against CPDM, guess what happened when Ni Fru wasn’t elected the coalition representative…Oh yes he withdrew his Party. He claimed he can’t have a the most popular opposition party and doesn’t become the candidate. If after 26 years as chairman of SDF he still claims that he is yet to achieve his vision and so can’t step down because the people still want him, he is equally telling us that Biya can keep being president.
Please, Ni Fru go back home and let us do what we do best…STRUGGLE.
A chameleon can only change its colour to green but will never become a grass. You were born by CPDM and you remain CPDM. Joshua Osi be wise; for you are being played.

And to you my fellow Southern Cameroonians, we can not use a demon(Ni John Fru Ndi) to fight the devil(Paul Biya), and that’s because the devil controls all demons!

I Rest My Case

Davis E Tabot


4 thoughts on “Fru Ndi Decoded”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It was clear yesterday, really wonder people could not see him coming with his deceit and betrayal. There’s no redemption for you fru Ndi

  2. Boss Chick says:

    You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Fru Ndi Decoded, no where to hide this time around, really love the decoding

  3. Ni John is the worst sellout in Anglophone history, thanks team meet cameroonians for the warning against this bitchy pa

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fru Ndi was stoned and driven out the mob in Bamenda that’s why he chose to manipulate Buea through Tapang Ivo and Mark to call out the people to rally behind him as a leader not knowing he only cam to calm down the people

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