Achalle is dead, but his music lives on!

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Death is inevitable, it always takes us aback. Who could have imagined a young, vibrant and talented Achalle, the winner of the first edition of, “Stars 2 Demain” , the best vocalist ever from Cameroon, the “Feeling Insecure &” Kiyelé crooner was the next target of death. Achalle you left us too soon! We thought, “Ebolo” was your come back. We are speechless and sad, fans, family, friends, followers, enemies and critics telling you to rest in peace(R.I.P), but how many of us actually told you, Achalle to Live In Peace(L.I.P). I sincerely hope you had made your way right with Christ so you can find true peace in his bosom, resting and waiting for the rest of us.

Even-though you are gone, your music lives on, and we will always remember you as the best vocalist from Cameroon.

Listening to Ebolo got me all emotional, people while we tell Achalle to Rest in Peace, lets not forget to tell our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, just about anyone out there still breathing to Live in Peace.

To honour this legend, Artists from all nooks and crannies in Cameroon should come together to make a song, an “All Star Tribute” commemorating Achalle with a strong message against spotlight sexual abuses. I think it will go a long way to console Achalle’s mother, who expressed her pain in the video below. I do not think any tribute with such a message will ever happen, that’s because most of the stars and artists are all caught up in this devilish web, and they wouldn’t want to cry out loud against their master.

Rest In Peace Achalle.

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