MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

Men had sought the wide world through
For that one reason why some are black and others white
None of them could notice the passing time
None of them on “chains” could see the starry sky
But one thing remains for sure
The world is still black and white

White men climbed the mountain of fame,
Black men too…
They dreamed the dreams of stardom
They even wondered together if there is a God
Each coming to an infinite conclusion
Their ethics clashed at such borders…
The borders of black and white

As time passed, their spirits became weak
Their fame gradually faded
Their strength became aged
They could no longer hold their differences
Racism and war became the result of their own weakness

Young beauty is a talent
When it grows old, it becomes a culture
Culture is a home for aged strength
Its ethical values are always in conflict
What you see today is a modification of what existed yesterday
So, be at peace for man begins and ends with culture

2 thoughts on “AGEING STRENGTH”

  1. brilliant and as usual, you never disappoint

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