Aimee Kuh Is Totally Unstoppable On Her Way To The Top….

MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

On the 12th of July 2016, a blog post was made about Aimee Kuh explicitly placing her, as the next rated super model from Cameroon to the rest of the world. The post raised lots of controversy, and that’s because what we saw in her, not everyone had the insight to see it. Aimee Kuh is a strong believer in her dreams and she wakes up every morning with a brand new passion and vision. She made the right choices as to which modelling jobs best suit her personality, she didn’t just want to be an Instagram or Facebook model getting thousands of likes and comments which off-course can not in anyway express the true feelings of her fans, employers and promoters. From showcasing top designers outfits to Lingerie; from the runway jobs and now to TV commercials. If still doubt her mission,  the fact that she’s the next rated Super Model and big thing from Cameroon, then the video below depicting her recent commercial done by Source Du Pays S.A presented to the general public; the newcomer of the Supermont family: “La Gourde” is all for you.

Watch the video above and waste no time in contacting her if you are a designer, photographer, or a company like Source Du Pays.



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