Algeria Army Chief Urges Bouteflika to Leave Office

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Algerian army Chief of staff Gaid Salah has called for the application of article 102 of the constitution which stipulates that a president can be removed from office if he is unable to execute his duties.

Abdul Aziz Bouteflika has since 2013 been on a wheelchair after suffering from a stroke. His unstable health situation hasn’t permitted the president to address the Algerian people for the last 6years. He has been considered not able to deliver his duties as president.

The chief of staff during his address to top military officials could be the last kick to outs the long serving, ailing president who has been in power for two decades.

Gaid Salah during his address stressed that, “the solution that must be adopted to end the crisis and answer the legitimate demands of the Algerian people is the solution that guarantees the sovereignty of the constitution and the continuity of the state,”

The north African country has for months now been riled by anti-government protests demanding the immediate resignation of Bouteflika at a time he was preparing to contest in April 18 polls.

Continues protest had forced him to drop his bid but however said he was going to remain in power until his successor is chosen.

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