An Open Letter To The Freshmen Of Higher Institutions In Buea, Most Especially The Damsels!

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Dear freshmen,

It’s with an amalgamation of sentiments and a heavy burden in my heart that I write unto you! Firstly, I am so happy that you guys scored it great in your advance level examination and were granted admission into the all popular Anglo-Saxon university of Buea (UB) and other higher institutions like: IMFA, PAN AFRIQUE, HIMs and many others.

secondly, it plagues me because as ingenious and enthusiastic as most of you probably are, if not properly oriented, it’s going cost the mighty bandwagon of moral decadence and vices in Buea as much as  a farthing to pull you out of your so far smooth lane of dreams pursuit unto its fast lane whose end is either termed,  “frustration, ‘Waywardness’, ‘Depression’ or Destruction'”. It’s written in the book of Proverbs 14:12, “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death”. In Buea there are so many of such ways!

My dearest freshmen, my kid sisters and brother – to be forewarned is to be forearmed. I could depict your excitement levels, fantasies and misapprehension of the land called “Buea”. UB, they say is a place to be, but I put it to you that Buea in general is major migration location for Academics, Techies,  Entertainers, young entrepreneurs,  Fraudsters and Prostitutes alike(Ajajas). Most of you, especially those from boarding schools have never lived a life free from the watchful eyes of your parents, teachers and guidance, but in Buea that’s a dream come true right?

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“A man without principles and will is like a ship without compass; it changes direction with every change of the wind”


Buea is going test your core principles, virtues and will power. Permit me to deduce from my experiences and observations that most of the girls with leaked nude pictures, videos and vulgar languages from Buea were once as innocent and decent as you are right now! Why the drastic dissipation and moral decay? The following points are going to get you grounded so you don’t get to live in Buea like a driftwood in the sea:

LOVE: This is the most important of all the points because in the name of love, many have been shattered,  broken and lured to the slaughter-house to be slaughtered like goats. Love is the most formidable of all forces known to mankind, it carries the power to heal, make and break. A mislay love on a Buea Ganster will only get the damsels laid, taken for granted, emptied emotionally and spiritually.

An emotionless damsel could liken to a vampire with potentials to bite not to kill, but to adulterate other naive girls with the generic Molyko bitchy virus of “Ajajasm”, and draining men dry emotionally, financially and spiritually. For those who do not know the meaning of the word Ajaja: The word Ajaja originated in the streets of Limbe and was brought to Buea in  2011. It’s a word used to describe prostitutes who have not been able to muster the courage to stand and wait for men on the busy streets. There’s Junior Ajaja and there’s “Ajaja Na Boss”. Ajaja level is determined by how much of a real and authentic person that has been lost to usher in the reign of an impostor, how ruthless and exploitative a damsel can become.

Falling in love with the wrong person has changed good people to become feeling-less Zombies, all materialistic, exploitative, set and ready to devour the next victim.  As you go to Buea, love all unconditionally, but scrutinize who to involve with erotically if you must. The type of fairy tale love you’ve read in novels and watch in movies is rare and almost far-fetched in Buea. Do not fall a victim!

DATING: My dear brothers and sisters, avoid getting entangled with the wrong persons. There are many impostors in Buea, a land full of pretense and optimization of self-interest. Lots of boys and girls will you meet that have spent or that will spend their house rents to impress others and set to manipulate unsuspecting victims to use  as brides and canopy. Some have mastered this trick so well that they don’t have to pay rents anymore since there will always be unsuspecting freshmen recruited every year who shall willingly accommodate them in the name of dating.

It starts with a date, visits, a night at the victim’s place, days will pass and the victim will discover belongings of his/her ghost lover in vital places in the room, before the victim senses it, it had evolved into cohabitation, a perfect example of a parasitic relationship: draining  the victim of scarce  resources and emotions. It will initially seem to the victims as though they are finally writing the pages of their love story, only to be disappointed when they find out that their supposed, sweethearts are master players, who use unsophisticated victims as bridges to the next level.

Dating is a very complicated discipline in Buea! Not saying all experiences are the same, but there are far worst scenarios than the above illustration. You need to be-careful, put together your defense mechanisms together: solid principles, set your priorities and most especially set quality of people to allow into your inner space. Do not hurry into any relationship, give it time because time does not only heal all wounds, it also unravels all mysteries.

CUT YOUR COAT ACCORDING TO YOUR SIZE: Let your expenditure be determined by your resources,  “not all that glitters is gold”. Lots of addictive life styles, very enticing, but never forget to cut your coat according to your size. Content yourself with the pocket allowances you get from your family, learn to manage your resources.

To the Damsels especially, do not indulge into human hair, synthetic nails, eye contact lenses because everyone else does, do it because you are an independent woman who can pay her bills. Never compare yourself with any other girl, you are uniquely you and from a different background, do not lose yourself trying to impress others.

Dear Freshers, at this point I feel a little bit relieved to have taken the time out to you write these few words to you, hope they serve the purpose for which they were written. This is the first of the series of letters I will be writing you guys from time to time. May God almighty guide, protect and provide for you guys as you pursue your dreams and be your perfect shield against temptations.  You can reply by using the comment box below and share with us your experiences.

Thanks for reading.

Yours sincerely.

CEO Davis Tabot


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