Another Banyangi Boy Surfaces: TZY PANCHAK

MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

Etah Tambe Nyenti AKA Tzy Panchak is the next big thing in town. Hailing from KENDEM Village in Upper Banyang Subdivision, he is the last but one born to Mr./Mrs. Etah Joseph Nyenti. With a BSc. in Computer Engineering from UNICAL; Nigeria, many would had thought the Banyangi Boy would had looked for an excellent job in Nija; since that’s his second home.

His love for muzik has never been a thing of the dark since he has been in love with artists like PSquare to the extent of perfectly singing the song ‘Me and My brother’ in Kumba general Hospital, while visiting a cousin some time in 2010.
Being labeled the 2Face of Kamer, Tzy Panchak has got top singles like Nchinda, No Worry, Mado, Bless me Lord, Love Won’t take much time , etc.

Following the gigantic footsteps of Stanley Enow, Tzy Panchak has proven beyond doubts that he can fit any shoe size. Dropping his latest single titled Makaveli, Tzy Panchak just raised the bars in the Mboa Muzik Zone. Being one of the artists who loves the fusion of French and English into his songs, Tzy P. is determined to RULE the MBOA DANCE HALL.

The title Makaveli is Tupac Shakur’s stage name after 2Pac which he used in the last album he recorded before he died (The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory). The Blu Nation label is not mixing words when they decided to get married to TZY Panchak

“Chere Patrie, if I die today mimba me….. Mon ami cette soir on ne dot pas, on boir jusqu’au bout mais on ne sul pas”

The 25,000,000 FCFA boy is poised to making Kamer feel his presence in all dance hall arenas.

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