Cameroon Rap Crew “AD DAT STAND” Working on their New Video Release!

MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

There is just no stopping now, at a time where good music is flying in from every artist/Crew, one just can’t seem to fall in love with just a single Cameroonian artist OR Crew. Cameroon Rap Crew AD DAT STAND drops a mind blowing Song Titled AD DAT STAND ANTHEM, While we anticipate and easgerly wait for the Video release, I will like all fan of rap Music to watch out for these guys, they are Misterious, they play with the Mic like a child playing with his/her toy!


AD DAT STAND is a Cameroonian Rap Crew based in Bamenda who has been working with Cameroon’s finest producers and directors when it comes to making music, Their Track “Swag on It Own” which was one Time on everybody’s Tongue was Directed By “Dante” and “Produced by SlimBeatz”. where they showed their ability in Rap music. Since then they have been making massive surge in music, they are finally popping up with a video for their song “AD DAT STAND ANTHEM” which is still Directed By “Dante” and “Produced by SlimBeatz”. This video IS 13235852_1617509718497733_955998067_nanticipated to be released on August 17th 2016.


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