MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

Welcome to the town of legendry hospitality. The development of this town has seen the growth of many good schools, fake ones as well. Besides the famous university of Buea (UB) and other schools affiliated to her, all the self-proclaimed higher institutes offering degree programmes both at the undergraduate and graduate levels are fake. All other schools are qualified to run HND, HPD, BTS etc., without any supervision, but not a degree programme.

Does it make sense in the world of academics, where and whenever, that a Master degree holder will be allowed to sit in a PhD defense panel to grade the candidate? My sources tell me it is normal in Saint Monica University, Muea-Buea, where geniuses are nurtured. This is the same self-proclaimed University alongside PAN AFRIQUE that the minister of higher education warned us about.
The dominant force in this business of academic malice in Buea is the so called Entrepreneurial University; Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB). Originally created as an affiliate of The University of Buea, CUIB has for every time failed the qualification test of hosting/conferring a bachelor degree programme in whatever capacity. How can this “BOOKSHOP or HND” center dare boast of hosting a graduate programme. Is this not another form of scam presented to us by the fast growing house of men of God? They have for a long time scammed the general public of millions of francs CFA due to our ignorance and denial to acknowledge the truth. Those at the forefront of this public and devilish act of scam go about their daily activities like we are fools and our monies better spent by them. How are they different from all the young boys who scam around town? Oh, I guess it’s because they gallivant our streets in sutans and serve mass on Sundays. I beg your indulgence, they’re not demi-gods, and they’re scammers.
Who are the leaders of The Entrepreneurial University (CUIB)? Could they be feeding fat off our pockets? Could they actually take us for fools? I bring you the ring leaders of this disgrace called University in the city of Saint Peter. I love my faith as a Roman Catholic and I say no to disgrace of my faith.
Provost – Bishop Emmanuel Bushu
President – Fr. George Nkeze

CUIB is not recognized by the Vatican as a University. They can’t even host a Theology degree programme, how come they claim to offer B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD in Engineering, Agriculture, etc.
We are a people accustomed to being second classed citizens in their own homeland settling for nothing but quality education to takeoff the thoughts of relegation to the back bench all the time. Our love for education has grown geometrically, reaching a level where blindness has crept in. We all seek quality higher education in whatever form we can get so as to get the consolation that we could become first class citizens one day.

We live in a time when telling the truth is termed a revolutionary act. We equally live in a time when people have taken note of our predicaments and are making a living off it. Think of all the so called churches today. We need constant assurance of miracles, financial breakthrough and otherwise. The scammers are preying on our weakness. It is high time we started telling the truth in a constructive manner.

Don’t take the easy way out and destroy your beautiful dreams by having fake degrees in the name going private. We made it the hard way, you too can do it.


  1. Boss Chick says:

    is like you got some insight about the lay universities around Cameroon, please help open our dark eyes

    1. ZEALGOD THE WIZ says:

      Boss Chick itz high time we started telling the truth…we have been scammed for far too long and all we do is blame the Government.

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