MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

The hustle in China is actually a hassle, your brain needs to develop big muscles in other to be in the winning circle.In China, there’s no “father Christmas”, boo you got to work hard, if not you will be left behind to be seen like a ….. Generally speaking, Asian countries are extremely hard except for the likes of South Korea and Japan who are about 85% westernised. 98% of Cameroonians who left home to hustle in China have but student visas and there’s no provision in the Chinese law for part time jobs for foreign students, meaning it’s very illegal for a foreign student to work in China.It’s a die hard hustle, Imagine you left home with the sole intention of making it and in China you found out the hard way is the only out, do you get to retreat? I guess not. You are already in China and you must get to the grind, it’s either you start teaching English or you get to accept other realities just to keep the promises of, “Kumba bread & blockcake”. Stanley Enow could use his wit , his 6th sense, his creatitive imagination to penned the struggles and hustle of young Cameroonians in China and other foreign Countries in; the hit track thereof produced is called, ” HIT THE ROAD”. Get your fair share of the Inspiration and let’s play a game:

All ma wah mendem for Chine d feel hit the road while on the grind. The game is simple, State the country you are and State either “NAY” if you didn’t feel hit the road, or “YES” if hit the road inspired you like me.

Your Voices Count(Y.V.C)



  1. C.D, Qingdao, China and it’s a yes yes yes yes

    1. on repeat on the grind baby, we getting there

  2. Germany, Yes I was elevated, good post too.

  3. che niba Denis says:

    YES, Douala Cameroon, hit the road for life, so much love to the kingkong

  4. Buea, Cameroon feeling it now, your post really made to see and understood his lyrics, gosh this guy is great…..finally a creative blog, all the way till the end….A big YES

  5. Boss Chick says:

    Cameroon, Bamenda, NWR, Yes

  6. Maggie labelle says:

    I am also in China, can you please give me your contact number or wechat id? i need to work with you please get back to me asap

    1. ok maggie, create an account on this so we can chat

  7. ZEALGOD THE WIZ says:

    DLA, Kamer…YES

  8. Anonymous says:

    Adey guinea equatorial pa
    Adey go kye ossi small time
    So so go b4

  9. Maestro Ell MaNifico says:

    video no more available , or na Camair connection …..

    1. when he drops the video, we gonna post it….please upload a profile pic…thanks for using our site

  10. Stoner AKA Mumis says:

    Hit he road is why we all travel lyrics is very inspiriting

    1. gotcha, thanks for using

  11. Teflon Ybnl says:

    Tho Im not this Guys Fan, But I love his progress, He is really Going to Greater Heights day by day. Kudos to the #KingKong

    1. bro you got to show him some luv, he is good menn, we all good and needs to support the Anglophone music ‘dustry

  12. Teflon Ybnl says:

    Yaounde, Cameroon Yessss

  13. Cyprus, Yes Yes, Stanley Enow keep doing your thing..

  14. Bob De Bob says:

    China, Yes….Just 3 of his songs i have enjoyed so far; hein pere, hit the road and phoenix….he can do better if he stops being arrogant

    1. Bob De Bob says:

      Kafouage for my back dingdong, very soon i go hammer

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