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Must Read For Ladies: 8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Blogger

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Are you looking for your Mr right without finding any? Are you tired of so many heartaches you've experienced in relationships? Are you seeking for a gentle man, etc then you must date a blogger, below are the core reasons why you should date them.

1. they are less intimidating: bloggers have not time to go out to mingle or quarrel with anyone because they are always indoor blogging.

2. its easy to make them blush: due to the fact that bloggers are always indoor makes them shy. they are not into dating and flirting which makes them blush when a lady flatters them.

3. bloggers won't cheat on you: how will they cheat on you when they are always busy researching so that they could publish posts or how will they cheat on you when they are always indoor. and overall they are shy.

4. bloggers are so true, real and genuine: just they strive hard to produce unique and relevant updated info on their blog, so they are unique beings!

5. bloggers are good listeners: just as bloggers pay go attention to their readers, customers policies and general rules that apply to blogging. so they are good listeners in their relationship.

6. bloggers don't party, drink or smoke: bloggers are gentle beings, their favourite drink is coffee which helps them stay awake all night researching and blogging unlike other guys that will attend parties.

7. bloggers are well educated and intelligent: yes they are intelligent because they research very often. you need to see where s blogger is explaining something.

8. they are very rich (I mean it): this is the last but not definitely the least! they make money from various ways such as affiliate marketing, sponsoring a post, publishing ads, and rendering so many blogging services. while others are busy seeking ways to make money, they are at the comfort of their home with just a laptop and their finger making money. they even make money why they are sleeping.

while some people are getting blood money, they are busy making blog money

To all ladies, how long will you suffer many heart breaks when they are bloggers in our midst? look for a blogger today and start a very good & romantic relationship with him.

most bloggers are not good at proposing love, so get ready to toast him yourself as long as you need a good relationship.

its my opinion though, fellow bloggers, am I wrong. please remember to add your own points also.


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