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Dear Women: Your Natural Self is Beautiful


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Daily you have the idealized version of beauty pushed upon you by marketing agencies, paid celebrities, and even some other females as well as some men. Whether is be contouring (which essentially slims the face to look more European), cosmetic make-ups being aggressively advertised to "improve" how you look, the constantly changing "ideal" female form, or even something simple as having a pimple among so many other things are scrutinized.


This my take which may be the final one I ever do is coming from real life experiences and not some made up ideas thrown together. I have been in a healthy monogamous relationship for a year, analyzed beauty according to society, listened to many opinions from a diverse array of backgrounds, genders, experiences, etc. This will get straight to the point and I will not bore you with a long history lesson for each of these topics discussed.


1.) Cellulite

Cellulite occurs in almost all women as well as occurring in men. It occurs naturally and among the reason this is thought to be an issue is due to photo shopping o make models in pictures have unnatural skin which simply does not occur in nature.

Ladies, there is absolutely nothing wrong or bad about having cellulite. It is beautiful, it is yours, another way to set yourself apart from each other. Own it and rock it!

Men (and ladies attracted to the same gender), especially those who have not yet had the privilege to be close enough with a woman to see and touch, don't compare actual women to photo shopped images of women in pictures. When you actually see and feel when intimate with someone you will see the beauty (if you do not already).


2.) Saggy Breasts

Breasts are not anti-gravity and they sag from day one. They face downwards due to gravity as well as biologically in order to potentially nurture a child.

Ladies as well as guys, this too is not a bad thing. It is a good thing which I know from experience being intimate. Visually in my opinion breasts look better as they sag because they don't just remain stationary, every position breasts have a new look. Additionally actually doing those things intimate couples do is actually beneficial and easier to accomplish hen breasts are saggy. Straight up, they are more fun and easier to play with with which is mutually beneficial.

To the ladies, your breasts are beautiful and are you own unique shape and look. Be proud of what you have and if any partner tries to tell you otherwise then they are not a good match for you. My girlfriend will sometimes try to talk down about her breasts and other body parts, but she knows I will set her straight about them which she will then use to get me to do what couples do together.


3.) Stretch Marks

Once again something that gets airbrushed out when photo shopping is done. Both women and men have stretch marks, that is what happens when puberty and life in general occur. Stretch marks occurs on a woman's breasts, back, hip, butt, legs, and arms. Women, your stretch marks are unique to you and no one shares the same exact look as the one's you have. Having them shows you grew into the beautiful woman you are today.


4.) Cosmetics to cover up your faces

Although I personally cannot stand make up at all due in huge part to how it is marketed I understand some women like to apply make up similar to how applying to nails to make fashion statements so this section doesn't argue against that.


Your face is what the world sees and it sets you apart from everywhere human being on this planet even if it is the smallest feature. We, as humans, are supposed to have pores, marks, and other features individual to us showing. Cosmetics, once again thanks to airbrushing in photo shop, are marketed and sold by manufacturing insecurities in how a woman looks. Faces are not supposed to be layered with creams, powders, and other glosses and other pore-clogging products. Show off your natural beauty to the world instead of making cosmetic companies richer and furthering the cycles of attack marketing to sell beauty products. I know this to be true because the woman am with never wears make-up and by her being herself and further loving her own beauty she does not have to worry about cosmetic expenses.



Human women are absolutely beautiful naturally. So please let's abandon these beauty standards and appreciate the beauty of women from all corners of this world. If you are with a person who puts you down about your looks then there is a high probability you should not be with them. Be with someone who raises you own feeling of self-worth, someone who treats you as a queen, and shows you hat you are beautiful by just being you.


I am blessed to be with the woman I am with today. It goes far beyond the physical attraction, it is a mental and spiritual attraction that I hope all people can experience and keep for as long as they live.


I do hope I helped people feel positive about themselves during my time here. Please spread love, positivity, and take care of those you love and those who need love.