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[Sticky] Guys Lets Anticipate Bamenda Fashion Week!!


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From all indications, the B'da Fashion week gonna be massive, I visited the official website, read through it, trust me folks; its going to be large! You can visit the official website to check out more information:  

What do you think about the upcoming Bamenda Fashion Week?

Which designers in Cameroon are going to feature and showcase their designs?

Do you think The organizers got what it takes to make it big as I anticipated?

Guys drop your answers and predictions, let us make the "Bamenda fashion" Week exciting already. You upvote a suitable predication or down vote is not your favorite predication. 

Cameroon is finally seeing some change

The truth is, really big changes are being made in Cameroon, for example this forum (MEET CAMEROONIANS FORUM) is a great change in Kamer, I love the Whole idea of Bamenda Fashion Week, Kudos to the Organizers!

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Will put in my schedule and endeavor not to miss. I see myself on the runway, designers and organizers; My Name is Aimee Kuh and I am your girl to showcase your designs on the runway. IMG-20160713-WA0001[1]

Gorgeous Aimee showcasing a design

the shape, size and face for the runway

To all the designers, photographers, fashion and event organizers, your model is here, and her name is Aimee Kuh.

Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 1.73cm
Shoe size: 38

Truly the girl for the runway, so beautiful and unique, designers wuna make sure to hire her service, she will deliver from the looks portrait in her pictures. Girl you got it, looking forward to seeing you at the even.

Hoping to see you there girl, you rock!!!


judging from the personality of the organiser, it is going to be a great week, Amah Bertrand will definitely be among the designers, his on top and also class.

Boss Chick Tell me more about the Organizer?


Really do not know muc 'bout the organizer, but its a good thing development is finally hitting Cameroon. 

Can't wait for much in Bamenda..


Wooooow Aime Kuh, u r crazily damn Butiful, I dare say u fit your name. Well u gonna kill the runway. Itz a gr8t career path for u