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What's the most essential thing in life, be a very very successful man career wise or be successful man with a beautiful family?


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It baffles me as am yet to draw a finite line between whatz more important in this life. I see success as a tool meant to get us closer to happiness n fulfillment. In a strict sense, a successful man should be able to make his wife happy thereby guaranteeing a happy home. For itz said a happy woman makes a happy home. 

However, the reality of this life is a stack controversy of what is to be. Is it that we fail in planning for life after success before becoming successful, or is it that the Black man isn't accustom to the mannerism of success? 

Nevertheless, we got a chance to reverse the order, lets think together.


To have a successfully career and a failed family means failure in its entirety to me.

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To be successful man with a beautiful family

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I agree with u CEO, but one can be tempted to think we can't have both.