MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

Mr. Leo Is as short sighted as John Ngu Foncha  



Mr Adrenaline was blasted by sick mind Francophone idiots for posting on his timeline in Pidgin English. These goats always come around to claim Cameroon is bilingual when an Anglophone either posts in English or demands representation from Anglophone artists who have shamelessly become Franco-phones over night. 




Mr Adrenaline later edited the post and posted a French Translation just to please the Franco-phones. 

On the other hand, Short sighted Mr Leo who is very comfortable pick crumbs from the table launched a dance Challenge and everything about it, both on his instagram and Facebook page was posted in French. English speaking Fans have pleaded with him to make a change, but he remains headstrong to their complain. 


I call Mr Leo Short sighted because just like John Ngu Foncha, He can't see beyond the crumbs he is getting from LRC. 

This English they run from, China spends billions of dollars to import foreign teachers just to make sure her citizens globalizes and be able to speak English. Same with Thailand, Dubai and many other countries. Mr. Leo and other short sighted artists will succeed in the short run, yes they will succeed, but in the long run, they will for sure flip sides. 

How much are they even making in the Francophone market they so well target? 

The industry still de na first half, make first half scores no fool some man. 




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