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Thoughts, they think are like a bed of roses

The more you look, the better they seem

The more you touch, the better they wilt away

The more you fantasize, the better the imagery

The closer you get, the more mysterious they become


Thoughts, you think are the best companions to keep

The lonelier you’re, the better you think

The angrier you get, the faster you come to a compromise

The more satisfaction you get, the better your ego

The more you think, the more foolish you become


Thoughts, he thinks are like a bouquet of flowers

The brighter the color, the better the price

The more the fragrance, the more it attracts

The more you think less of it, the more miserable you get

The closer you get to it, the more it tells you “you’re wasting your time”



Thoughts, she thinks are like love songs

The more you know the words, the better you recite them

The more you speak the words, the better your influence

The more you try to think of them, the more confuse you become

The more you sing to a guy, the better he under looks you


Thoughts, I think are like a bevy of girls

The closer you get, the less attractive they become

The more you look, the better they scare you away

The more you smile, the better they read your mind


The more you love them, the fewer honors you get 


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