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Meet Graobe Marie-Noelle, Kamer Top Model Popping and succeeding With Melanin

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Graobe Marie-Noelle, is an exquisite and exotic model, a rare breed that can only come from the Toupouri tribe of the Extreme-Nord region of Cameroon. She’s the lead model of “XA international” Modelling agency based in Lagos Nigeria. Even though she’s already mounting top stages in Africa and the world, she dreams to become one of the greatest models in the world.

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Graobe Marie-Noelle exotic African Model

Graobe Marie-Noelle Representing Cameroon Super Talent Of The World event in South Korea

Graobe Marie-Noelle is a fighter, a strong woman who is full of confidence, she told CB that she’s Proud of her African roots. catch a glimpse of her glamour below:

Graobe Marie-Noelle Keep Representing Africa
Epitome of Africa Beauty
Exotic Graobe Marie-Noelle
amazing smile for a proud African Cutie
Breathe Talking: Graobe Marie-Noelle

Can You beat this? Awe!


great African Models fro



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