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Syndy Emade's sumptuous Face Featured As Cover Of NAM OUTLOOK Magazine.

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The Maiden version of Nam Outlook Magazine was graced by the ever ravishing and beautiful face of Syndy Emade. She continues to soar and though she's somewhere at the top, it seems to be her starting point. It's apparent there's no stopping her. Peeps what do you think of Syndy Emade? 


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Why is it always about her? What is she doing that others are not doing? We know she started her acting career as a ceo, her first movie I guess was, "different kind of men". We also know the mighty hand of Bundes was behind it, she was spoted with Njei Cliton, she was spoted with Emmanuel Adebayor, she has been spotted with several different men. Cameroon film industry is still young to give her the kind of money she has, what about other actresses who are more beautiful and talented than her and have been acting years before she could emerge as an actress. Does her pussy taste better? Point me one actress who earns more than 500,000CFA per script in Cameroon. People lets be wise, this chick de sell de matta.


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