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[Sticky] Things you didn't know about Adambi Mbango

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Adambi Mbango is a Cameroonian actress and producer based in Houston Texas, USA. Beautify, elegant and multi talented,yes! These and more everybody knows about her, but there's more to her than meets the eye. She's a combination of talent, brain and confidence!

Top Things you didn't know About M.C Media Screen goddess of the year(Kamer best actress of the year), Adambi Mbango

  1. Adambi Mbango is a personal banker:Image result for adambi mbango
  2. Hu la la! This one here is exclusively for the fellas crushing on our ebony, and enchanting shawty in the spotlight....not gossiping oh, but I think you need to know she prefers purple to pink and yellow to purple. This Sumptuous screen goddess will prefer for your packages and the contents therein to be more yellowish!Image result for adambi mbango
  3. Adambi Mbango is the producer of Ndolo and the Senator
  4. Star girl Adambi Mbango, also known as "Mondoni Pikin" dresses to make statementsImage result for adambi mbango
  5. She's not a model: No no no, probably in the future, but hell no, not at the moment—she's not a model even-though her poses, confidence in her pictures speak otherwise. Her pictures are so breath taking, and no one is left indifferent with just a glance. Image result for adambi mbango
  6. Star girl, Adambi Mbango is "Thirty, but looks like a Thirteen", forever young she is! I guess someone wants to know her secret? Do you keep secret?......yes!......So do I. Hint, just check her smile.Image result for adambi mbango

More coming on Adambi Mbango, 

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