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Even Though Skidi Boy Mentioned Me in his Song, I couldn't Refrain from sharing this...

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Apparently a blogger fired shots at him and he had to do things the right way by going to the studio & delivering his reply on a beat, delivering a song which is causing a lot of controversy online now. Skidi Boy tries to plead innocent saying “he didn’t call anybody’s name” but does that mean all he said was right because he didn’t call names on his facebook post?? he is trying in his capacity to make peace and also make friends at a go (shooting two birds with a stone) It is awesome when an artist turns a misunderstanding to inspiration.

Once again Skidi Boy demonstrates his lyrical maturity and creativity, giving a special shout out to his Cameroonian bloggers/promoters who have supported him in one way or the other ever since his debut. Listen to this piece and take note; for the SB Nation artiste just made a vital announcement at the end of the shout outs..

Click here to listen to the song: Bloggers

Original Article written by Lem Mbong #KamerLink

Click here to Read The original Post: 


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