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Hot: Blanche Bailey Once Had no Panties

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Blanche Bailey is one of the most beautiful Cameroonian female musicians, she got it all: the Face, curves, boops and butts. Her eyes are so charming and artists like Minks who kissed her only in the Videos, must be wishing it was for real!


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She's not only a well crafted hand work of the most high God, her musical prowess is unquestionable, her quick ascension  to the spotlight is an additional feather on her red cap of fame.


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Many argue that, she's not yet at the level to invoice 500k per show and performance, But I think she deserves more than that! Just picture this Diva gracing a stage, with all her assets; some will go there to see her physical endowments, while others will be taken to the moon and back on a jet of her musical  resonance.


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Most people don't know she once had no panties! Her Panties were all stolen when she was in B.H.S Barombi. 

Men, just imagine that huge ass without the support of a pant!!

You can create an account on this forum and have your say about her....Let's learn to consume our own products...This forum must grow and be the online entertainment hub for Cameroonians. 


Thanks for reading


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