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Pidgin Corner: Skidi Boy; bloggers, artists, filmmaker and the controversy

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Happy New Month my pipo and we thank God wer makeam possible for we for see this new month and I just d pray se make e crown every of our Bambe with success this month. And MCMG want grap this opportunity for thank all man wer don listen the following songs:
What I've become by Young Holiday
My Music My Love by Young Holiday
Yatimer Manor by SharpBoy Agbor D
Bang Bang by Sein Monty
Luv Me by PK PK
Why by PK PK
For pipo them wer d wait make Young Holiday start sing for French and pidgin before they support, I cut wuna cafe. For Pipo wer just de for facebook like familiar spirits and monitoring spirits looking for career to destroy, I hail wuna as well. Pipo wer d complain Mobile Data and d wish make service providers in Cameroon start to offer unlimited subscription plans, I join wuna for that dream, because this Data tin so d really slow the industry. Plenty people de wer want visit that Youtube too feel Pays mutumbu, but they can't because they be limited data wise. If this service providers fit start offer unlimited subscriptions, I be sure se e go helep this our baby industry see some growth at least 15% growth.
For our Brosis them wer get the data and means to support the industry, but choose not to....Wuna welldone oh.
All bloggers been doing great jobs, I lie down for wuna for excellent promo and exposure wuna d give the industry...I just want beg wuna se make wuna no d neglect actors/actresses and other film makers...every sector of the industry need wuna badly.... We need to join our senses and servo for create an outstanding Ecosystem in this our industry wer we go be able to recycle any star or celebrity wer d high like garri even-though money nova yet start cam.
This 18 artists dem really make me Jolie throughout the month of July with their mind blowing songs:
Brino Man in Fever Shaking
NSB in E Correct
Brown Popsy Feat Skidi Boy in Caler Au Cou
Young Holiday Feat Gee Reign in MMML
Skidi boy in Nanga Mboko
Mic Monsta Feat Dready Christ in Freedom Of Speech
Leoclin in Sharam
Ko-C in 1st July Freestyle
Nabila in Ça Ira
Ejedson- in Trust You
Boy TAG in Meet TAG Pt 2
RYTHMZ in Boboloh
Featurist in Tu Connais
Meshi in Plans
Ewube in Fall 4 U
Skiezy Ayenkea in VENALEALEN
Ambe in Reste La
Na link this if you go like for support any of them:
Skidi Booy don start the month on a very good note, we be all misunderstand him, sote me sep I join the battle and attacked him on Facebook, but once more, e don prove e creativity...I over enjoy the line wer e tok about bloggers and artists needing each other: Artists need the promo while bloggers need the traffic...there he got a point, but I really want know that blogger for ngola wer step on Skidi boy e toes wer e prompt e for vormit that vernom for Facebook in the first place.
My contri people, I no want for ova write long...Part two of this Tori d cam small time....the controversial part wer I need to call names and address pipo them wer d slow this industry down.
If you call yourself a die hard supporter of kamer e entertainment industry, you get account for twitter, instagram and Facee, but you no get account for this be surely one of the people wer we need to recycle. Pipo like you no mean well for this industry because you no intend for consume pays products...Make I no ova tok for here now so, Part two d cam for this pidgin corner.
This pidgin corner ee go be na the truth and reality corner on Mc forums, we go address all make wer fuck up without fear or favour.
Watch out for Part two.
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Fear ya pidgin level nor e cross wata chia 

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you no get the boy faith, i be na confirm