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[Sticky] Before u visit Douala

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My broa/ma sista if u want visit Doual u must know how for cross road..forget da thing sey green light red light and yellow light. If u want show over sabi sey u know highway code like u co sleep for the other side for road....u must sabi for cross road. .how?

 Same time weh u di look left ma same time u soppose for look

Same time weh u di look front na same time u soppose for look

Forget da ting sey driver di see u...bc driver too sabi sey u di see yi.

Consider all ben skin men dem as mental before u gather ur shock when one cosh u just bc u talk ur destination..

When u see where two or three gather abeg distant urself like u go waka reach house with foot.

When u di buy close ur ear open ur eye..because u fit buy tomatoe reach for house see na kerosene..

U fit know side weh meeting di hold but u go know wuside e di end bc for Doula..a beer a day keeps the stress away...

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Yes you said it all, that's Douala!!


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