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Cameroonian Bishop allegedly commits suicide, leaves suicide note behind .

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Reports from the Sanaga Maritime Division says the Bishop of Bafia Monsignor, Jean Marie Benoît Balla, has committed suicide. Sources say the Prelate might have jumped over the Bridge of Ebebda into the River Sanaga, about 78Km from Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Sources say the Bishop left his car with a suicide note that reads 'I am in the water', plus his identification papers. No damage was done to the car, which indicates there was no violence. .

Observers say nothing can be conclusive until investigators publish a report. They argue the Bihsop might have been assassinated and thrown into the river.

.Monsignor Jean Marie Benoît Balla is the second Clergyman to have died in Bafia in the space of two weeks, after a young Priest in the locality was been found dead in his room last week.


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