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What is your cross?

Mary Magdalene’s was the sin of the flesh, but we know she bought the famous Alabaster vials of very costly perfume and poured it on the Lord’s head from the proceeds of prostitution and saint hood has been accounted for her.

Jesus knew exactly who Zaccheaus was, but he chose to stayed at his place, and that same day, salvation came to Zaccheaus’ house, he did not only decided to give half of his wealth to the poor, but paid back 4 times those he had cheated. Zaccheaus’ cross was for sure cheating and he could kill for filthy lucre.
The question is; what is your cross? A cross in this context could be literally stipulated as that thing(s) a person indulges that subconsciously refrain them from following Jesus Christ. Your cross could be lies telling, stealing, fornication; it just don’t matter whatever it’s if you will deny your self and pickup your cross and follow Jesus(Matthew 16:24). You do not need to part ways with your cross before you follow Jesus cos that will never happen- it’s not by might, not by power, but by the spirit. The text is clear about the things you need to do:
(1) Deny yourself
(2) Pickup your cross
(3) Follow Jesus

Now here’s the mystery, God made a promise to Abraham that by his posterity, the rest of the families of the world shall make themselves blessed.Jesus is the posterity of Abraham and those who shall deny themselves, pickup their cross and follow Jesus will be joint heirs and partakers of the blessings and promises made to Abraham.
Denying yourself entails, knowing your family, understanding the evil behind your tradition, your cultures, the gods of your tribe(nkoh, kufor, epasamoto, obasejoh, njoku or whatever name that fallen angel is called) denouncing them and embracing the pure and un-corrupted ways presented by King Jesus.
Picking up your cross is all about following Jesus just the way you’re, as filthy as you think you’re; following him is just about beating that voice in your subconscious mind that accuses and condemns you.Paul sure did, no wonder he wrote in the book of Romans 14:22; ” blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he allows “. Falling and tumbling is allowed, as a righteous man shall fall seven times, but he sure rises each time he falls. On this journey you’re not meant to give up, keep following Jesus daily.

Thanks for reading.


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