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Before now, security agents were recruited to secure our properties, money, and family. But since the world went digital, it’s as if all the criminals who used to molest us on the streets have transferred to the digital or cyberspace, hence we now employ Cybersecurity.
We now store every little detail about our personal lives, that of our companies, and organizations online, from minute things like personal photos, videos, addresses, and locations, to more complex information like credit card details, bank account details, and company data.
The bad part is that this information can be stolen by malicious actors who intend to use it either to steal money from you or sell it on the Dark Web to people who can use it to incriminate you. In fact, the greatest loss suffered by most companies in this century is data loss/theft of data stored in a company’s database, unlike before when companies used to suffer from leakages or oil spills.
It is predicted that by 2022, cybercrimes will cost the world $9 trillion in damages, and it might interest you to know that more than 70% of these attacks are on small businesses and individuals. Therefore, no one is indispensable to cyberattacks.
So there is a need to build a Virtual wall, employ a virtual security agent, or system to guard your information against such malicious actors.
So what is Cybersecurity?
As earlier mentioned, we can say cybersecurity is the employment of “Virtual Security Agents/Guards” to secure data stored in online systems like servers, monitors, websites, applications, and other computer devices from malicious attacks that can lead to data theft, data deletion, impersonification, or extortion.

It is also known as Information Security(InfoSec), Information Assurance(IA), or System Security, which refers to the combination of technologies, processes, and practices which are designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from cyber-attacks, damages, theft, or unauthorized access. 

Government agencies, the military, health facilities, financial institutions, and corporate companies collect, process, and store uncountable amounts of classified data in computers and other digital devices, and hence need to secure them so that they shouldn’t get into the hands of malicious actors.

That is why Cyber Security is important; it helps Secure such data from the access of hostile actors like Hackers.


Four reasons why you need Cyber Security?


Let’s look at some reasons why you need Cybersecurity on your networks or systems: 


  1. To prevent unauthorized access; With Cybersecurity tools such as passwords, firewalls, and two-factor authentication, you can limit the number of access to your data. Usually, malicious hackers will use brute force attacks to bypass your security passwords, but they won’t be able to go through with the two-factor authentication since it will require them to use your phone number or email to get the verification code.

    Without these security measures in place, it will be easy for malicious actors to gain access to your sensitive data that can lead to theft, deletion, piracy, or sold to your competitors or the government.

    With Cyber Security Techniques like Strong Passwords, 2-factor authentication, Security Software, Regular update of programs, Firewalls, etc in place, you will be able to reduce unauthorized access to your data by about 90%.

  2. To prevent Data Theft; The first reason you should want to protect your data is to protect it from theft. You can lose all the money in your bank account in a second if the bad guys lay hands on your bank account details. In the same way, your private information or company data can be stolen and sold to the government, competitors, or on the black market. 

    You don’t want to imagine the negative effects you will have on your image or that of your company if what you consider “Sacred” is being stolen and sold or exposed to others. So the best way to prevent such data theft is to employ cybersecurity techniques that will prevent that.

  3. To prevent data modification; Just imagine that you run an education or religious website, and you have managed to gain a reasonable following with tons of content posted on the site. Then one morning on waking up that all the content you posted on the site had been deleted and replaced with pornographic content. How will you feel? What will be the implication to your reputation? What will your followers think of you?

    Any kind of stored data can be modified maliciously to either tarnish your image and reputation, sabotage your business, change the functionality of your devices, and misinform your employees or the government about you or your business. So a rigorous security system will help to prevent that.

  4. To prevent Data Deletion; Just like data modification and data theft, your valuable data can also be deleted by malicious actors if they have access to it. Just imagine the prototype of your product stored in your server is deleted without you having a duplicate elsewhere, or all your company’s data is deleted. What will become of your product or company?

    Just the mere thought of that should be enough reason for you to implement cybersecurity techniques to secure your data and information.

    With the above reasons, you can see that cybersecurity is very important for you and your business.

    Next, we are going to be looking at some of the security threats you may suffer from.

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good read!


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