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An Apology or dissing Letter? Tapang Ivo To Hon. Justice Ayah Paul Abine.  



Dear Ayah Paul Abine,

With all due respect to you, a father and senior citizen, I apologize for being hard in my reaction to your recently proposed list of individuals to represent nearly 10 million English-speaking Cameroonians on the dialogue table. I, however, reacted as a citizen to Ayah Paul the politician. I had to hold power to account although some described it as the "truth" put in a "rude" manner." You also called it an "attack."

I am sorry for that.

Well, we are here today because we are trying so hard to hold Paul Biya to account too. So too should all politicians, irrespective of where citizens sit, must be held by their citizens to account for their public actions. We have to check on each other for our inherent shortcomings. Those actions we take or propose, directly and indirectly, affect decisions taken on behalf of all citizens.

As citizens, it is our legitimate right to exercise our civil rights and political liberties without fear nor favor. And that promotes and protects democratic accountability, the rule of law, and stronger institutions.

Now, looking back at the long road to freedom we have covered this far, Sir, you probably will agree with me that the existing consortium has been winning and not waning. Teachers and lawyers, most especially, have had our biggest support in human history. In fact, we grouped under the Anglophone banner and not political or tribal linguistic banners. That explains why we succeed hugely against our common threat -- they current flawed and dubious "unitary" political system.

When I take a look at the consortium, I notice something positively striking. All the names on that consortium represented an organization or an established group (stakeholder). And just like how you, me, and us all stand united as non-partisan citizens for the success of this winning but peaceful fight, so too do we see the consortium as the only legitimate leader in the struggle -- Anglophone Freedom 2017.

With much respect, Honorable Ayah Paul, I expect much unity and not division along the conflict of interests lines. You could best teach me in any classroom how politics divides and not unite, especially where there is no political coalition formed. And that brings me to the biggest problem among us which I have been advocating for since 2011. It is the aspect of a political coalition.

I have no worries with you putting up a list. As I wrote earlier as my opinion that it is "a good move with a wrong approach." We are at least 12 months away from the 2018 election. And I expected that you could have at least borrowed a leaf from the unity put up by teachers as an association, lawyers as an association, buyam-sellams as an association, etc., to pioneer a winning political coalition too that could elect a political leader to join the consortium and represent our political interest(s) in changing the political dubious "unitary" system, or seeking for secession.

In 2007, according to Dibussi Tande, there were 207 political parties in Cameroon. At the moment, since the start of 2016, I have documented nearly 150 Cameroonians who publicly voiced their concerns to run for the 2018 presidency. Do we need all these parties in earnest? Do we need this division? Economists and political scientists prove empirically that using Kenneth Arrow's impossibility theorem (Arrow's paradox), voters give a clear win for the defender (Paul Biya in this case) when the voters have three or more distinct alternatives (options). Here we have more than 100 candidates. In 2011, we had 23 candidates.

I warmly suggest that instead of hand-picking candidates with political affiliations as you clearly did on your list, kindly take the advantage of the current UNITY enjoyed by the Anglophones, and engage a winning political coalition process while the consortium keeps doing its formidable job. Then you, major opposition political party leaders, should elect a leader to sit in that consortium and represent us.

That will be the greatest weapon against President Paul Biya in this struggle, I predict empirically.

Honorable, you know as I do that every political leader wants to be on that list. The division initiated from your proposed list is now broadening, and the equal and opposite reactions are not helping matters. And we need to close it fast. On the political field, every option is weighted as equal and opposite. You are equal and opposite to Fru Ndi, Kah Walla, Prince Ekosso, Bello Bouba, etc., irrespective of age, ideology, background, culture, education, etc.

As for the religious leaders, they could as well form a formidable coalition and elect a representative to be part of that consortium, I suggest. We need stakeholders there and not individuals, I kindly suggest. Perhaps, only the social media, the new trusted alternative media, may have non-partisan individuals on the list who hold the public trust.

Let me end here Mr. Honorable Ayah Paul Abine. I appreciate your efforts from the heart of my heart. We need to suggest debatable solutions win in this "long walk to freedom."


*** I am only a non-partisan Freethinker and a solution-oriented critic.


Tapang Ivo Tanku

Our take: We of, holds the following opinions:

  1. This is not an apology letter as it was only written after efforts put up on Facebook to discredit Hon. Ayah Paul Abine Failed.
  2. A coalition of Political parties and leaders is really out of the question, you Mr. Ivo Tapang has always talked of non partisan approach to the strike. A coalition of political parties has no place here as this is not an election! Hon. Ayah Paul proposed list includes  several stakeholders; from lawyers, teachers, the clergies and politicians and in the right definition, it's also a "consortium" . The proposed list by Hon. Ayah Paul is outstanding as it has the incorruptible "Mola Njoh Litumbe" as the president. A consortium of teachers, lawyers and other stakeholders without representatives from SCNC, SCAPO, SCYL can not in any way lead us to a sustainable future. Mr. Ivo clearly forgot that this strike is  no longer the teacher's and lawyer's, it's the people's strike and any sustainable solution must include voices from all stakeholders. The Proposed list from Hon. Ayah Paul is sustainable as a representative from every group is on the list.
  3. Tapang Ivo clearly wants to be included in the list, he talks and contradicts himself in every way. Having 1000 likes, comments, and thousands of Facebook followers doesn't mean you have the public's trust. Mr. Ivo said no individual, but stakeholders should be included in the list, but not in the case of Social media activists, of which he is clearly pointing to himself or Mark Bara. This is a clear contradiction to everything written in the letter.  With such statements, one can draw the conclusion that, the only reason Ivo tried to discredit Hon. Ayah Paul in the first place is because he was not included in the list.

It's on this note that I rest my case

Abunaw Lionel



It's conspicuously a dissing letter and not an apology letter!  


It's a dissing letter


Am not so much into politics, but I think the apology at the beginning of the letter was meant to fulfill all righteousness 


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