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Deputy Attorney General Ayah Paul Branded a Failed Politician by Dishonest Freethinker Tapang Ivo  



Mr. Tapang Ivo tried to discredit deputy Attorney General at Cameroon's Supreme Court by branding him as a failed politician. Mr Ivo is very inconsistent and far from being a role model as he is not real even  to his principles.  To Ivo, Ni John Fru Ndi a failed politicain who could not win a single presidential election in 26 years is Charismatic and worthy of a joint  statement; from him Tapang Ivo and  wise Mark Bara to beseech other Southern Cameroonians to follow the biggest sellout in Southern Cameroons lead in Buea. 

This is not the first time Mr. Ivo is proving to the people who care to see how biased his mind set is and also how divided the people of Southwest and Northwest are. North-westerners definitely approve Ni John Fru with all his failure because he is their father and son while waiting for the least opportunity to discredit a South-westerner like Ayah Paul .

Edward Chia had couldn't help, but joined others to expose how dishonest Free Thinker Tapang Ivo can be. Read his take on the issue below:

OPINION POLLS - AYAH's English Cameroon Leadership Team list


Seconds after Ayah Paul Abine published a proposal list of English Cameroon Leadership, two Cameroon online activists namely TAPANG IVO and BARETA MARK shared the list on their walls.

In a bid to destroyAyah Paul Abine,Tapang Ivo Tankucalled on all his followers to vote people in and out of the list but to his dismay, his followers overwhelmingly approve ofAyah Paul Abine's leadership. instead of giving to the public the opinion pool he promised to put forward after the pool, he comes out with a very defaming article on Ayah Paul even before his followers stop giving their opinions. I challenge Tapang to dispute these facts below.

As I write (4:30 PM Cameroon time),Tapang Ivo Tanku's own shared post had 869 comments. I have taken the time to painstakingly go through all the comments. Just 71 persons want AYAH out of the list while 821, directly or implicitly approving of his leadership and initiative. This gives Ayah an overwhelming 91.4% approval rating..

As for Bareta Mark, a whopping 1380 comments have come in withAyah Paul Abinefinding 235 disaproval ratings, still giving him an 82.97 approval rating.

On Ayah's wall, Ayah draws 1180 comments with just 82 negatives, landing him an approval rating of 94.05%.

Overwhelmingly, Cameroonians at home and abroad approve hugely approve ofAyah Paul Abine's leadership and initiative at the disgust of a very dishonestTapang Ivo Tanku, who fails to accept just how much of a leader is in Ayah Paul, a man Cameroonians hold in very high esteem. WHAT A SHAME to a man who claims to have what it takes to lead

Tapang Ivo Tanku; please learn from Mark Bareta and grow up
if you were at home; I bet you you could have been taken out.

Tapang Ivo Tanku and other people from Bamenda makes it crystal clear, that we have no common place as Southern Cameroonians, they always try to ridicule prominent people from Southwest, while praising people from northwest. 

Ayah Paul has been very instrumental, everybody has the right to a pursuit of career. Even Hilary Cliton was the secretary of State after she was defeated by Obama during the US 2008 presidential election. These stupid Ivo and his people use Justice Ayah Paul's position as a means to ridicule him, failing to understand that he has put everything on line to speak out and stand for his Southern Cameroons' brother.

Calling a spade a spade: Ni John Fru Ndi is more of a sellout, Philemon Yang is a complete betrayal,  Atanga Nji Paul has already caused the death of more than 5 Cameroonians and don't forget Foncha sold us into this slavery.

Ayah Paul deserves a chance to prove himself, and that's what we must give him!

Abunaw Lionel


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