MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

Who can Initiate a 10 Million CFA Beef, if not Jovi?  



Jovi is great, yes I said he's great! After he took to twitter and called Stanley Enow a wet pussy, the beefing immediately made rounds on social medias and blogs entertaining Cameroonians, most of whom had their say and sided with their respective Icons.

 It actually affected all areas of Kamer entertainment industry and we can conclude it's the beef of the decade in the industry cos no other beef has gotten everyone talking like this: From Artists, producers, bloggers and fans!

The fire of it was rekindled when Wax Dey evaluated its worth to 5million CFA and JOVI declined to prove the beef is worth far more than 5Milion CFA.  

Another challenge has sprung up, the question is: Can Jovi and Stanley Enow decline this one?

10 Million CFA offered by Checky Pikin Bleck, the Communication Official of Schengen Black Movement(SBM) for a grand match between Jovi and Stanley Enow at Palais de sport in Yaounde. 


saaa, this guys them no go venture for win this budget....this is biznez of first class. Except them d tell me say them d fear...


bro they d fear, none of them no get heart to man up for the challenge, they know only how to run their mouths


HIP HoP also has its own pride times.. Jovi can never take d challenge


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