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Do You Agree With Samuel Eto'o Fils?

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DefaultChristiano Ronlado Mocked Xavi Hernández and Samuel Eto'o Fils reaction has sparked more controversy. The Spaniard recently suggested that only Real Madrid fans believe Ronaldo is better than Messi, to which the Portuguese responded that Xavi has no place to comment has he never won the FIFA Ballon d'Or. 

Eto'o, Xavi's former teammate at the Catalan club, has now jumped to the retired Spain international's defence, saying that the Al-Sadd midfielder should be respected for the career he has had. 

Had the Ballon d'Or been a fair award, Xavi would have won it five or six times, Eto'o told El Larguero.

Xavi deserves all the respect in the world.

Do you Agree with Samuel Eto'o Fils? Is the Ballon D'or An Unfair Award?


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