Decoding bounce Video; symbolism behind Locko’s absence

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“Locokomotive” is a term used exclusively in the Cameroon music world when addressing Locko’s fans. The lockomotive movement really gained grounds after the released of, “Bounce Video” shot in South Africa and the conspicuous absence of Locko in the video. As usual, whatever a great man does; haters, critics, fans, well-wishers alike will be left to analyse and comment.

Locko at the first stage of the Chain to the top?

Locko at the first stage of the Chain to the top?

Here at meetcameroonians(MC), we will like to think a little bit out of the box and bring a new insight to this matter and open Cameroonians’ mind to subliminal messages embedded in the video. Locko’s absence in the Video is creating more waves than his presence would have. Was it carefully calculated by S.E and Locko as a strategy to get the Lockomotive movement on a spring board?

S.E is one of Cameroon’s best hip hop star, he’s no bitch, he’s no faggot, but real as the sun and will continue to lead and shine his musical light. He doesn’t fake it and we all know he does not share works of those he got beef with on his Facebook wall anymore. The picture below proves the king is super tight with Locko:

King Enow Promoting Locko and Lockomotive on his wall

King Enow Promoting Locko and Lockomotive on his wall

Now back to the topic; Decoding the Video, the subliminal  messages. Two types of viewers, one wishing Locko was in the Video, whereas the other set of viewers actually saw Locko in the video both in his magical voice and his current position in the “main stream” industry; being demonstrated by the vertical chain in the Video with a padlock(Locko) keyed to it. If locko has been identified as the padlock, “who” or “what” then is the vertical chain? The vertical chain represents the stages to the top of stardom. At this point, Locko has been accepted, tested and keyed to the first stage, and just half of the next stage has been shown to him, and it’s so enticing.

The question that pops up is,”Who has the key to the padlock and power to unlock Locko to the next stage?” Definitely not S.E, but who? I will leave the curious mind to ponder and remember am talking about the main stream industry. They like Locko, they want to make him a super star because he got the talent, but can he make it all the way to the top? Watch the video again from a different point of view, not as a hater, critic, but a fan of the Cameroon music industry:

10 thoughts on “Decoding bounce Video; symbolism behind Locko’s absence”

  1. Boss Chick says:

    super dope article…continue in this spirit….lockomotives

  2. Maltidabeyang says:

    “Motherland black magic jazz on me” Stanley you are so uncooked and coded, Jovi and other other rappers are just open books. Meet Cameroonians team thanks for decoding the Video and we now understand why Lockomotive movement is growing…..Stanley Enow, you are a legend

  3. Solangebae says:

    The writer of this post has plenty of insight, just perhaps you could help explain what it takes to get to the next level because i see locko’s fan base increasing everyday and seriously his absense is making more waves than his apearance could have. Thanks for the eye opener

  4. Jovi Fan base says:

    Stanley Enow, you are the king of nonsense, good you self self tok of black magic, guess that’s what you are using…Jovi is not stock in Yaounde, he’s been to other African Nations…Fuck you Stanley and all these pro Stanley writers who always write in his favour..Shit

    1. Gee Reign says:

      Must you guys find fault with everything Stanley Enow does? when Jovi disses him in his lyrics, you fake ass fans of his call it punch line, wen Enow replies, you call him arrogant…Abi this hip hop don turn be na love making? I leave dat petite rappers for back house, stuck in yaounde they think its first class.

  5. che niba Denis says:

    It’s obvious the locko motive movement is growing because of Kingkong, I have been wondering why he will shout out locko and instead represent him with a Locko. When the Audio was released, it didn’t really make any impact…i have listened the audio on youtube, very few views. I go with the writer of this post, if Locko was in the Video, it still wouldn’t have made any impact just like the audio, so Stanley Enow and Locko carefully decided to leave locko out, and it worked…give them both the impact they needed. Locko Sawa Romance is making hit, Bounce too is making hit…This is Camair hip hop world

  6. Stoner AKA Mumis says:

    Featuring with the King of Hip hop in Cameroon (Stanley Enow) must make a super star Locko has been giving that opportunity so Locko better make use of this great opportunity rather than listening to negative comments which can induce anger in you and bring u down from 100- 0 just in one flip It’s time to HIT THE ROAD Locko

  7. Bob De Bob says:

    Locko has been growing before the bounce, even though his absence contributed in promulgating him, he still would have made it…I see black magic in the Video

  8. stock in Yaounde they think tis first class, Enow you get mop

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bounce Video decoded, Locko we are waiting and watching you keenly….make any of your family member die like Silvie Enow then we go know se you don accept to move to the next stage of stardom…Music world, Satan’s ultimate control to the mind.

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