Deputy Attorney General, Ayah Paul posted a question about Southern Cameroons Leadership

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There’s a consortium, but there exist no one to coordinate the ground work of the street protest which has led to the untimely death of several young Cameroonians. Justice Ayah Paul, an educated and well learned Deputy Attorney General at the Cameroon’s supreme court, risked his career and sided with his Southern Cameroons’ brothers. Justice Paul, like other Cameroonian have been asking question about the leadership of the strike and its coordination, but there seems to be none. He posted the following lines and video on his Facebook page on the 8th of December, 2016:


*Practical kitchen common sense reveals to us that Brooms don’t break…. Broomsticks do. In such crucial times, how can we afford to WAR on dispersed fronts?

*We MUST set aside our DIFFERENCES/SELF INTEREST/PRIDE and rally TOGETHER in A VOICE, as A PEOPLE (which of course we are), focussed on a UNIQUE GOAL: VICTORY.

*This unique opportunity to test just how far we have come as a people, MAY BE OUR LAST. And even if the ‘red sea’ does not part in our days, we must have layed on rocks our indelible footprints for the RESTORATION of our PRIDE!!!!


And on the 9th of December, 2016 Justice Ayah Paul posted the names of  his proposed  Leadership Team which included the the most credible and incorruptible; Mola NJOH LITUMBE as the president. The suggested list was welcomed by the general public except for Free thinker Tapang Ivo, who is in every way a self seeking Cameroonian. Mr Ivo set confusion among his Facebook followers and tried to discredit the well learned Justice Ayah Paul by calling him names. Such hate and dishonesty showed by Tapang Ivo only expose his mind set as a biased individual.

We of are of the opinion that the proposed list of leadership by Hon. Justice Ayah Paul  is valid since it includes people from various groups who has been fighting for the Southern Cameroonians and other stakeholders.

Abunaw Lionel

One thought on “Deputy Attorney General, Ayah Paul posted a question about Southern Cameroons Leadership”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That list, while put forth with the best intent, is void of young people. Young people should not be relegated to the role of expendable foot soldiers who risk their lives on the streets so that these old people can have a shot at history.

    A few people who have sacrificed enough for the cause come to mind. IN my opinion, at least 20% of the list should be comprised of those who are less than 35 years old, preferably from the lower class of society.

    We must do away with this insultive idea of elitism in our society-if we want to avoid going full circle that is.

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