Early Rains Welcomed With Smiles in Douala But….

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Cameroon’s economic capital Douala has welcome the early arrival of rains with a heavy down pour. The rainy season which usually begins from the third month in March seems to be marking an early come back in January instead of its expected month.
It has however been drizzling since the beginning of January 2019, but heavy downpour hit Douala Tuesday 29 January 2019. The rain which lasted about an hour began at about 7pm.
Inhabitants welcomed the heavy down pour with smiles as it will calm down the burning heat in the economic capital resulting from its massive population and heavy duty machines in several companies.
Many hope to sleep in peace from several comments gathered around.

However,  in the same Douala where others will sleep in peace, they are several others in some neighborhoods who will certainly pass the night while standing or fetching for height grounds. The rain is sure to invade their habitats with flooding waters as it has always been the case.
The regular nightmare of flood has been due to lack or poor drainage systems in some parts of the city.
In as much as 8 regions of the country might be celebrating the return of the rains, two other regions of the country will begin a sorrowful and terrifying experience in bushes and merciful tents if at all any in many cases.
Since 2016 when the socio-political crises broke out in the north west and south west regions of the country, a lot more than 60% of the population living in those two regions have flee their homes and are now seeking refuge in bushes for fear of being hit by stray bullets from the military or being arrested. We can only pray for peace to return and a solution reach at in solving this crises.

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