Focus: Introducing Dulo, an Upcoming Cameroonian Rapper

MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

Upcoming Cameroonian Rapper

Takum Stanislaus AKA “DULO” is an upcoming hard-punchline Cameroonian Rapper from the North West of the Country, making his name and we see him among top African Rappers in the nearest future. Our Focus on Dulo primarily is aimed at exposing his talent and to put him on the spotlight. MCMG discovered this talent and have selflessly decided to promote him till he gets his much deserved recognition.  In 2006, Dulo was the dulo among top Cameroonian rappersbest rapper in a talent exhibition organized by Prisco under the auspices of Shosa Empire shooting stars in Bamenda, with  his hit track ” Nonsense”.  Dulo has graced many stages which paved the way for him to be considered as one of the best rappers outta Bamenda ever. Got interviewed by popular radio houses like Hot cocoa, but little or nothing about this talented song writer,rapper,actor, choreographer was known across the hills and valleys of Mezam.

The Musical scene across Cameroon and Africa at large is taking a turn for the best. Young talents are trying to find their way around the industry despite the lack of funding and attention. MCMG has as mission to expose these talents in a bit to secure sponsorship deals for them. We are believers of talent, so our job is to scout and make known raw and untapped talents.

Today, I focus on Dulo, from my crib in Qingdao, China,  as a believer, knowing this is his time to shine and exploit the lamplight across boarders.

Currently, Dulo is focus on his upcoming single to be titled “Handformop”. The hashtag focus is #Handformop is already making rounds on social medias with positive followup. While we wait and anticipate the release of Handformop, catch a glimpse of Dulo’s mindset from the Audios below.


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Dulo and 4 other Cameroonian Musicians

Dulo and 4 other Cameroonian Musicians MCMG aims at exposing to the World

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