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Fonde Collins

Fonde Collins, 24, actor, model, & fitness trainer; holder of bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. A home name to the Cameroonian “film-tainment” industry! He is physically endowed with a physique quite alluring for any modelling job, with a height of 1.91m,

fonde collins with the abs triceps and biceps, Modelling for a movie premier

fonde collins with the abs triceps and biceps, Modelling for a movie premier

Well worked out packs, triceps and biceps. Fonde Collins has  starred in over 10 movies, TV commercials and TV series. These projects and their references are listed below:

  1. Nightfall ( Produced by Nkanya Nkwai and directed by Anuri Nuembom)…. 2014
  2. The Devil’s take ( Produced by Ivan Namme and directed by Ken Akoh)…. 2014
  3. Rumble TV series ( Produced and directed by BillyBob Lyfongo)
  4. Smokescreen ( Produced by Ivan Namme and directed by Musing Derick)…. 2015
  5. Life point ( Produced by Nkanya Nkwai and Directed by Achile Brice)…. 2016
  6. Expression ( Produced by Tessy and directed by Musing Derick)….2016
  7. Samba TV series( Produced by Elong Brenda and directed by Enah Johnscott)………..2016
  8. Barefoot on Broken Bottles ( Produced by Ivan Namme and directed by Serge Mbufor)… 2016
  9. Tv Commercial for Planet ( soft drink) Produced by GHOFA and directed by Etah Rene… 2014
  10. Tv Commercial for mountain hotel(hotel facilities) directed by Ivan Namme… 2015 and 2016.

M.C Media is pleased to present Mr. Fonde Collins as the winner of, ” Kamer Screen god of the year”(M.C Media’s Cameroon Best Actor of the year, 2016.

Fonde Collins.

I’m grateful for setting me on this amazing platform.  Fonde Collins. 1.91m tall


M.C Media(M.C.M) short interview with Fonde Collins(F.C)

M.C.M: How did you spend your Christmas and New Year?
F.C: Well nothing like home. I had to spend it with my family, it was a reunion of love and I must say it was awesome.
M.C.M: Your Best moments and things you achieved in 2016:
F.C: I got great moments… meeting new persons who encouraged on my passion… More also I featured in some projects that taught me a lot on film making(working with professionals on set which are people I look upto) , getting into a modelling agency and also being nominated for the “Kamerscreen god and goddess award” … these where some of my best moments.
M.C.M: What are your prospects for 2017?

fonde collins in a Photoshot session with model Laura

fonde collins in a Photoshot session with model Laura

F.C: I have lots to do as concerning showbiz; movie and modelling… I wish to get across to other parts of the world to learn more about film-making and gain experiences as an actor… I wish to explore more of my talent…. work work is gonna be the path for me in 2017 by God’s grace… As an actor I wish to be that person who will be the voice of the voiceless… someone people will easily relate their experience to via my arts… Acting is an emotional career and people turn to learn from from different perspectives base on how an actor brings invisible characters to life.

M.C.M: Any Message, word of advice to your fans, friends and family?

F.C: I wish to say thank you to everyone who took moments to vote for me, thanks to my family and friends for always standing by me. Your support has been amazing. I promise to bring on my A-game… My advice goes to my fellow upcoming actors; Patience, hard work, respect and prayers are elements to success…. May God bless you all as my thanks goes to God almighty for strength and creativity.

Hints: “Mr. Fonde Collins is single”, “Cutlass should be anticipated as his Upcoming Movie”, ” Favorite colour is Blue” and “Barefoot on broken Bottles is the best movies he ever featured in”.


M.C.M also asked Mr Fonde Collins means through which fans can easily purchase movies he has featured in. F.C disclosed the contact details of Mr Agbor Obed Of Zumhoo Studios as being the main marketer of Cameroonian movies.

Fonde Collins


Guys thanks for reading and do anticipate the follow up blog post, ” Keeping up with Fonde Collins” coming up on the 4th of February, 2017.

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Have a properous New Year.

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