MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map
PHOTO: Fredash, Kelly B

PHOTO: Fredash, Kelly B

And to think that the beefing season in the Cameroonian Fashion industry was over. Oh well … we probably thought wrong. Today’s beef concerns two well known photographers in the industry Based in Buea; Kelly Blaise and Fredash Nemfor Alfred 

 A series of screenshots from WhatsApp surfaced today with a long message addressed to photographer, Kelly B. The messages which  were allegedly sent by Fredash in a WhatsApp group were clearly addressed to Kelly B, calling him out for immature behaviour. Kelly B has allegedly been going around telling people that he taught Fredash, photography. But the Fredash Modeling Agency CEO and Founder of Fredash International Annual Fashion Avenue (FIAFA) was not having any of that and decided to call out his colleague in the WhatsApp group. Check out the screenshots below;
Screenshots from the whatsapp group.

Screenshots from the whatsapp group.

Fredash’s message read thus;

Hello, it’s with due respect I bring this here today, am sure u guys realize I hardly talk here. As a matter of fact, am talking to kelly b, it’s been like over a year that u have been calling my name left and right but I ignored it coz I knew u were just a child and Inmature. U go around telling people how na u teach me photography and so on. I have had enough of this ur sh**. I remember in 2013 how u came running behind me, asking me to teach u photography which I did. I remember how excited u were until u took my camera going round town with it. U said, we worked 2geda. When was that? Was it when I was doing miss west Africa 2013 and called u in to help carry lights and other logistics? *THIS IS NO BEEF* coz I don’t have time for that. I have a company and family to run. I’m just making things clear coz it’s too much. Everything I have today is from my pocket ok, I don’t wait for my mum or dad to do it for me like u do ya. I started photography in 2004. I’m sure by then you were still in Lycee Molyko. If I hear ma name from ur mouth, I go hold u na for malingo.”

Kelly B who affirms to us that the group has more than 100 members, says anybody could be a suspect as far as taking and sending out the screenshots is concerned. When we asked him what he has to say as concerns the allegations and threat, his response was very concise. He said

“Nothing…i don’t respond to such…never”

We hope all this gets resolved as soon as possible.What do you think about all these ? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below

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