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Domain Authority and SEO

You might have heard of Domain Authority (DA). Every SEO and a lot of webmasters use this term. Just as the name goes ‘Domain Authority’, you can already get or guess a basic idea about it. Still, it basically means how much your site is likely to rank higher in search engines compared to competitor sites. Basically, it’s a comparative metric and not an independent one.

So many people wonder how or ask the question like where to start with increasing Domain Authority. Doing it wouldn’t cost your head, but it’s neither a day’s job too, trust me! To get started even with a brand new website or blog is just as easy as following a few tips.

It’s obvious that you may want to increase your DA because increasing your Domain Authority means increasing your chances of ranking higher in search engines. For this reason, I’ve put together a couple of ways that can help give you a well-deserved boost to your site or blog. Keep in mind that this is all about Domain Authority and SEO.

Domain Authority

Before I continue, I’d like to give you a few more tips.

There’s a metric of Moz called ‘Domain Authority’ that they directly use in their Open Site Explorer tool along with similar terms like Page Authority (which is the page-specific variant of DA), MozRank (similar to PageRank) and MozTrust (how far away your site is linked from trusted seed sites). But the term ‘Domain Authority’ doesn’t always mean the Moz metric.

It is important to know that Domain Authority metric is almost entirely dependent on the backlinks (Do Follow) pointing to your site. So, what helps the most to increase your site’s Domain Authority (and its ranking potential) is to acquire links from sites that already have high Domain Authorities themselves.

Another thing to keep in mind is the correlation based ranking factors. Literally, any factor that has a correlation with higher search engine rankings can influence the Domain Authority of a site. So, in a not-so-direct way, your on-page SEO or offline marketing efforts can have an indirect influence on your site’s Domain Authority. Again, it’s all about Domain Authority and SEO.

Here are some few ways you can grow the Domain Authority of your site.

  1. Improve the overall SEO of your website
  2. Content
  3. Branding
  4. Relationships
  5. Loading Speed

High Pace Domain Authority Backlinks


To get started with you increasing your Domain Authority, you will need to work on your site’s SEO first. You may want to use a better and great host, check the quality of the images you use on your site, work on your loading time to have a better one and also, check for and remove dead links and use the right on-page SEO structure on your post to attract search engine friendly websites.

I would advise you don’t use blackhat SEO strategies on your site like spamming and buying of links from other sites and so on. To the best of my knowledge, Google gives priority more to the sites that naturally attract and generate quality traffic from search engines. Do well to use proven SEO strategies to attract and generate your traffic. By so doing, your Domain Authority will automatically grow. Everything still centers around Domain Authority and SEO.


Just to emphasize more, high-quality content is the backbone of every successful and authoritative website. When I talk of ‘High quality’, I don’t talk about how huge the content may be as perhaps this one but Huge and Relevant. Google itself suggests that as long as you bring something new to the table through your content, it’ll be considered ‘high-quality’. Provided that you don’t write something that doesn’t make sense.

To another perspective, nothing works as well as good content when it comes to attracting user appreciation and natural links. So, content should be a key focus for you if you’re looking to increase the authority of your site.

In order to have a good content, you have to be looking forward to having or producing your own content assets.

Content Assets are those few best contents that sites are proud of. Having a content asset makes a few things easier like:

  • Promotion
  • Link building and
  • Brand and Authority building ( just to name a few)

Content assets don’t have to be either super lengthy and or unique. The trick with creating them is combining your own knowledge and existing information available elsewhere so as to produce something vital that even your competitors will fear to copy. So, to my own point of view, I do the following to produce my own content:

  1. I find a very popular topic that interests me.
  2. Do a fast Google research about it by going through the first and a couple more page results.
  3. Sketch and come up with something that provides much more value than what I stumbled on during my search.

Promote Your Content.

Once you’re done with research and putting down your content, you now have to do your best to make it known (Promotion);

Make use of the social Medias.

This is one of the easiest forms of promotion strategies once you have a couple of personal social media profiles setups. Make sure you post your stuff on your social network while expecting a decent amount of referral traffic. But this cannot be possible if your social media profiles haven’t got connections with other people. That’s to say zero Facebook likes or Twitter followers. Schedule your social media sharing at different times of the day, that’s if you really want to get that far with your social sharing because the number of clicks your shared content gets also depends on the time of the day it was shared.

Domain Authority

Make use of your Email Subscribers list.

If you haven’t got an email subscribers list yet, make sure u build one. But if you have one already, that’s great because you can just send them a swift and sweet email about your newest and latest piece of content. That will also help drive a bit of email traffic to your site. Also, make sure you don’t email your list in the same tone.

For who do not yet have an email subscribers list. Not to worry much. It’s not too late to start building one right away. Just do the following and you will definitely start counting your subscribers?

  • Place an appealing email subscription boxes below your content.
  • Place email subscription widgets in your sidebar or footer or both.
  • Now produce content, be direct and watch them subscribe.

Pay To Be Promoted.

You could also just pay Orgs. Like Facebook to do the job of promotion for you even though it could be costly sometimes. Well, for brand content and production promotion, it’s wise to use sites that can easily bring you more visitors. For example, Reddit, Facebook adds and why not StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is great, Facebook too to an extent even though getting people isn’t a day’s job and Reddit too is quite good but it’s kind of a little bit complicated since it’s all about people. I noticed that when you have content on fun, puns, love humor etc.

Make Content Promotion One Of The Things You Must Do.

You should have the habit of promoting your content. To be consistent in promoting your content is like weeding your yard. If not people will never get to notice even when you don’t post. It’s wise to promote your product for a couple of days after publication date.

Blog posts for Domain Authority


A proper branding strategy will help with the exposure of your content in front of a larger audience. This is to say building a good brand will expand your DA or site’s authority. It can also go a long way to attracting great backlinks to your site.

  1. Brand Awareness

Do everything possible for your brand to be made known by people. You can do that by doing the following:

Advertise your brand on Social Medias. I noticed paid social media adverts, work like crazy especially when you are promoting a brand for exposure. It’s quite a good way for your brand to quickly be known out there. I love and particularly recommend Facebook because it has a huge user base and also offer adverts in lots of different ways.

Make use of Offline Marketing. Target a specific group of people or country or you could also go in for a larger audience, that is, be you up to the task (Budge). Whether or not you agree with me, offline marketing to an extent can also help, all you need to do is to leverage paid ads on Television channels and not newspaper too. You could also partake in local radio programs, a speaker in an organized conference about something you are good at.

You could also consider Hosting an Industry Even. Come to think of it, look at SEO for example; they host quite a good number of conferences about SEO all around the world annually. Some of which are: SearchLove by Distilled, PubCon by Brett Tabke & Co. and so on. With all the excitement during the conferences, they end up building a strong brand authority for the hosts. Your event may not be popular in the beginning, but it still gets your brand some authority.

Domain Authority for bloggers

  1. Brand Engagement

Get engaged to you brand by:

Host a Quiz related to your Industry. Quizzes will not only add your site’s engagement but they will also go a long way to get you collect more emails from users for your email marketing and also getting your email list bigger.

Always get back to your User’s Comments and Questions. One of the greatest tricks to get your brand engaged is to always reply to your users’ comments and questions. That could be easier if you group a particular people with a common question and answer them at once. Tanyi Melvis for example, replies to all her comments on any post she puts up on her blog. By so doing, she doesn’t only please her trusted readers but also attracts more readers to her site. More reasons why she’s able to get a hundred comments to each post she puts up and it settles still on Domain Authority and SEO.

  1. Appreciate Your Active Members With gifts

When you appreciate a child for a job well done with either sweets or biscuit, the next time you ask that child to do something, he/she wouldn’t hesitate to do as it will bring more goodies. The Same phenomenon works here. Show appreciation to your most active members by sending those free gifts like branded caps or T-shirts, or whatever it may be so far as you know it may please them. This trick doesn’t only make them smile and want to come back, but it also motivates other dormant members to become active as well so as to enjoy the benefits of participation.

Interact for Domain Authority


Also, you may want to create and maintain a good and friendly relationship with other sites related to your niche. By so doing, people who have good relationships with you are more likely to link to your site than those who don’t. You already know that links help build authority, so, in a way or two, good relationship equal quality links and thus, authority. You could create such relationships by:

  • Praising their good works.
  • Get in touch with influencers in your niche
  • Share influencers content
  • Guess post
  • Comment on their posts

You could also help people, it is a really powerful trick on pleasing people with little work done. Provide help with something you know they need help about while expecting them to do same (return the favor) in the nearest future. In the same light, you can also just help people for free and expecting nothing back like those who engage with your site and are active. Sometimes you can just provide them with some useful information and let them know and learn something new. Believe me, the feelings is good.

You can also build alliances with site owners and bloggers related to your niche. When you create such alliances, you tend to benefit things like guest posting, a wider reach to your content and many others in the long run.

Reading and sharing each other’s useful and recent contents. You shouldn’t only read but provide feedback and how you feel about certain things whether good or bad so that they could make amends if necessary in the future posts.

Contribute to each other’s site by providing suggestions, content and why not creative pieces of advice. By so doing you would get a new audience and sure is a motivation to keep in mind the importance ofKeep in mind that this is all about Domain Authority and SEO. SEO..


You may want to consider the loading speed of your site too. I checked out some sites with a huge domain authority and I noticed that their pages load fast, like most of them don’t take four to five seconds to load. This is to say that if you want to get there, (start by fixing your site’s loading time). The faster your site is, the better domain authority you can get.

You can start fixing your loading time by limiting the number of plugins on your site especially WordPress sites. Use essential plugins that will better manage your WordPress site, for many plugins will only help in making your site load slowly. Even Google knows that long loading time stresses visitors, so you may want to work on that.


To conclude, I can say that your website’s domain authority is directly proportional to the links you generate and content. Focus on fixing you site’s SEO and generate more natural backlinks to your site. However, as earlier mentioned in the introduction of this piece of article, it isn’t a day’s job to get a huge domain authority but it’s also not that difficult as it appears to be. All you need is to follow the tips and do the necessary things you need to do and wait (be patient) and watch Google do the magic for you.

Trust MCMG for Domain Authority

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Wow! If you read this post found it helpful, please do leave a comment and if you have other tips that talk in the same line, please do share.

For more detailed explanation on anything or any question at all, do drop a comment.

By Wanba Edilette for MCMG

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