Hate less, Love more

MCMG: Putting Cameroonians on the Map

Verse 1:
Beneath the durst,
I rose to the sunshine
Nursed from the ferns and weeds,
still made the frontline
No matter the number of piercing eyes,
Keep your head up and take shape like ice
A verse for the pundits to have a rethink
Coz’ when itz time for hustling, therez no blink
Letz forget all the hate and build our fatherland
The mistakes were made way back in Foumban land
We weren’t part of it but we can make our own tomorrow
Letz not be ruled by relics for we’re our own tomorrow
Itz time for us the hustlers, itz time for us the stars
Itz time for us all to turn back to our daily brawls
Letz forge a new history with us as witnesses
No fake tales of heroes or fiction prank of greatness
Letz not let them fool us to fruitless man slaughter
For the sanguinary bathe will call for nothing but laughter
Of mockery and branding with labels as big as Tokyo
I may not be perfect but I will help heal your blind eyes so…

U can see me in the sky
Living it big
Like a bird
U can see me in the sea
Living real fast
Like Michael Phelps
Am making it (big)
Am making it (big)
Am making it big
Like a bird

Verse 2:
Fake haters keep hating saying,
C’est pour le verre rouge jeune
While real hustlers fall; waking saying,
we’re Back in the game
This is time for the Phoenix to trust,
climb the crest n beat the odds
Hein père, how e go be, When all them haters
Trying to connect the dots,
Everywhere you go,
I connect like a spine to your bone
Itz time for the odds,
Like Tumbuboss them belleh go burst
Like nkwi, Etangti mor’ manyang, is Slippery when wet
I be Black commando fighting for love, baby Bounce
Ndem man, stop hating, itz time to Hit the road
La femme, all ma sweat and hustle na Yours
Even though the money is in making,
Got to Work hard.
Bonjour le teacher, I be soldier man, like ma papa
The bigger the money, the bigger the problem
Even coupe d’état, di ndem men them
Ops, I got the SS genotype no problem,
Handsomeness is the phenotype

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